Mike Wasch Benefit- Haut Longtime Laminator

Benefit Surf Movie!
Help Mike Wasch!
Master laminator and fiberglass artist Mike has a brain tumor and needs our help

New Surf Movie Fin by Ira Opper

Surfboard Door Prize! Surfboard Auction!
Huge Raffle for Surfboards, Wetsuits, T-Shirts, and other Surf Stuff
Live Music- Cruzin’ and Ashley Lloyd’s Backyard Band
Rio Theatre Tuesday, May 2nd 6-10pm
Advanced raffle tickets available at Freeline, Paradise Surfshop, and Haut Surfshop. Winners don’t need to be present!

Advanced tickets available at Paradise Surfshop, Freeline, and The Haut Surfshop or $10 at the door
Hosted by: Rio Theater, Pleasure Point Night Fighters, and the Aloha Riders
Sponsored by: Haut Surfboards, Rainbow Fins, O’Neill, M-10, Freeline Design, Michel Junod Surfboards, Strive Surfboards, Stretch Surfboards, Indicator Surfboards, Noe Surfboards, Ward Coffey Surfboards, Paradise Surfshop, Newman’s Own, Cobalt Surfboards, Johnny Rice Surfboards, Performance Surf Products,
Zog Industries, FCS, and Opper Sports Productions


If you can’t make it to the event-you may send a donation to:

The Haut Shop

345 Swift St

Santa Cruz CA 95060

Make checks payable to Pleasure Point Night Fighters Cancer Fund

We received this message from Manny Caro this morning- the event keeps getting bigger and better!-

“Mike Wasch glassed the first board I ever shaped, a 5’11” round pin single fin. A pretty funky board, but a great volan glass job. Mike’s a great guy and has always been really good to me over the past few years since moving back to Santa Cruz.

I’ll be donating a 5’11" quad fish with some artwork on it to be auctioned off on the night of the fund-raiser, so be sure to come with all your friends…it should be a memorable evening.

Thanks ~ Manuel"

I visited Mike in the hospital yesterday and his attitude is great. He is going to come to the benefit. A local cab company donated a handi-cab- it will be Mike’s first field trip out and about. He is relearning how move and trying to “rewire” his nervous system so the commands form his brain reach his hands and feet. A great guy, a great attitude, it will be a great benefit show- y’all come down!

well i can’t make it and i am strapped for cash, but i wish him best of luck and for you poly people:this is another reason to use epoxy.

that was a joke don’t nail me to a cross of epoxy please.

Bought two tickets today Steiny, I’ll see you there. -Carl

Atta boy Carl- Spico and I are MCing, it will be fun. Maybe you’ll win a board in the raffle :slight_smile:

I sent the flier out to some people in my address book. I got this back from Craig Lockwood. I’ve forwored the mailing address.

Any way I can help? There’s no address on this flyer.

Craig Lockwood

Waterman Racing Paddleboards

Thanks Skip- Sorry we missed you at the Logjam. If people want to help here is the info:

If you can’t make it to the event-you may send a donation to:

The Haut Shop

345 Swift St

Santa Cruz CA 95060

Make checks payable to Pleasure Point Night Fighters Cancer Fund

It is truly heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and support that Mike and the benefit in drwing. All my best, Steiny

Howzit Steiny, Speaking of the Pleasure Point Night Fighters, I saw Harry Conte yesterday and he asked me if I needed any pack your trash bumper stickers and I told him I still had some. About 8 years ago he gave me a P.P.N.F. t-shirt and made me an honorary member, even got the certificate. You know we have quite a few P.P.N.F. members here on Kauai, Gene Hall,Harry Conte, Juke Weber, Reddo,Little Joe and a few I can’t remember right now. We have many ex Santa Cruz surfers here on Kauai. Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kokua- Classics all! Everytime I am visiting Kauai I run into ex-Santa Cruz characters hungry for news from home. The benefit is tonight, I hope everyone in our area shows up and shows love. We are so lucky to have surfing and each other. Warm regards, Steiny


While I don’t know Mike, it is obvious to that he must be a great guy. What makes Swaylocks great is the fact that its a forum made up of people who care about people. While I won’t be attending the fund raiser, I will be sending my donation.

Mike… Get better soon!!!

Thanks for caring for others!


Last night was I great event. I’m still new to the area, and didn’t know too many of the folds there or Mike, but was struck by the outpouring of support. One of my housemates grew up here, moved away, moved back, moved away, moved back again, etc. I can understand why he keeps returning to this town, people really care about each other. Last night demonstrated that perfectly. I wish Mike a speedy recovery, and wish his friends and family all the best as well.