mike yer freakin us out

new layout???

a bit buggy still…getting the bottom of the page/footers in the middle of the page…

Uugh. Growth is good but change is weird.

What browser/platform are you looking at the site with?

Usually one of your menus on your browser is “help”. Pull that down and it will say “about (your browser type here)”


It looks superb on Firefox.

Thank you!

Very easy on the eyes…very 2007. Slick. Good. Like a Moonlight-glassed Campbell B5 round pin. Swaylocks is the new black.

Kudos to Rayray for the yellow swirl that keeps showing up. :slight_smile:

firefox or something around there. Bug only appeared when posting, not when viewing. I had the “keep Swaylocks alive” oval in the middle of the editor. Maybe it’s fixed now?

still has that problem when sending PMs. Also making blank posts instead of attachments.

Looks good on XP in Firefox and IE and Mac in Safari and Firefox.

It says “Log Out” when I’m not logged in though.

No problem on this one with XP/Firefox, but another thread wouldn’t let me

It says “Log Out” when I’m not logged in though.

I’m getting that too.

Also, several “Internal Server Error” messages. If I’m PMing or whatever, I lose what I was doing.

(I.E. XP)

It still freak’s me out seeing my board all over Swaylock’s.

I ride that board often, it’s no wall hanger. Look close you can read the numbers.

Did you guy’s see Shipman’s board on the moon??? Last month’s Quiver!

Everybody should convince their friends to adverstise on Swaylock’s – banners will appear at the top of the site and replace the resin swirl.

Dang. I love the resin swirl…

Dont like them on boards but it sure looks good in pixels.