Milaukee Polishers

When I was polishing full time, I’d smoke a milwaukee polisher in about 8 to 10 months. That’s after going through a couple triggers first. I figure a harbor freight power tool/polisher would be good for about 4 or 5 thirteen foot skip frye section connecters. LOL If your a backyard guy, might work for a while, but I promise you when it does throw craps, you’ll be halfway done with a rush board that the customer is on his way to pick-up.

Here’s a story that borders on modern slavery in the world market. Could you replace the Mardi Gras beads for Harbor Freight tools?


Mardi Gras beads Listen to this storyBefore throwing beads around this Mardi Gras, revelers could do well to stop and think about where those beads came from. Any guesses? Marketplace’s Jeff Tyler has one hint: pretty much everything you buy nowadays seems to be made there. PHOTO: qwirksilver/

i don’t do Real Audio…can you just give me the reader’s digest version??

The Milwaukee is a Jewel.It’s all about weight and balance.Kokua and some other guys are using the Makita which looks really good to me.I have a couple of non variable speed grinders I got from the Pawn Shop for the price of a Harbour Freight.I use a speed control to change RPMs.Here is the deal about Pawn Shops.Those prices they have are bogus as hell.Never ever ever ask them "whats the best you can do"or something stupid like that like that.Just grab the tool,slam it down on the counter and make an offer of 1/3 what they are asking.Tell em you got cash and then start to haggle.I got a grinder that had a $140.00 tag on it for $60bucks cash with tax.Also (and this is important)wear a red neck hat and have a chewed up cigar in your mouth when working the clerk.Works for me. RB