Since I started sharing with the world my way to build hollow wood surfboards, a goal has been to have my style of boards built on every continent…

So far that has happened except o0n Antarctica…A slim chance of that ever happening…

Yesterday, I was notified that a guy working on Antarctica would be building a Jensen style hollow board…

It’s hard to put into words the amazing feeling of that reality…

And it all started here on Swaylock’s…

Thanks everyone…

Dream big and follow your passion…


Global Warming … A New Dawn!

You are the man.

Do you by chance drive a Sprinter Dodge van? I think I’ve seen you up in my neck of the woods :slight_smile:

I will never forget finding your site and then building my own HWS. What an adventure. I learned to surf on that board too.

Truly an amazing feat. Must be a great feeling to have a goal so huge and meaningful actually come true. Who would of thought a guy living on Antarctica would build a hollow surfboard?

continents down.

next planet

earth today


the solar system.


some day

I wish to be

a compitent.


Global Warming … A New Dawn!

quite a footprint.

The Shackleton Model

Very cool.

What now, Master? What direction are you going to take it now?

Haaaa! Build it and they will come, I guess.

Just thinking that that’s a guy who will need

All his tools and materials together beforehand. I mean, you can’t just head on down to the local mall if you run out of glue. Especially in six months or so.

A Really Good breather plug. I mean, we’re talking about an outside temp that gets down to what, Kelvin degrees, man.

I wonder if there’s anything to surf there, besides whale wakes?

doc… like ambrose, I’m waiting for the Jensen Hollow Starship…



The guy down, down under is the “Station Carpenter”…He’ll do jut fine…I’m guessing they have more than everything you need…

So whaddaya say I nominate that hollow wooden surfboard guy as Swaylocker of the year for 2008?

What’s his name again? Paul Johnson or something like that?

OK… I’m heading over to that other thread and doing it.