Millennium Foam Blanks now available in Huntington Beach.

Hey Swaylocks,

Just wanted to introduce ourselves we are Pacific Surf Materials, a Millennium Foam distributor opening soon in Huntington Beach, CA.

To avoid crossing into the “selling” side we posted a more detailed intro in the Surfshop section of the site.

Thanks Swaylocks



OK, fair enough.  But I looked, and couldn’t find the “detailed intro” - are you sure you posted it in the Surfshop folder?

Here are three links - Surfshop, Announcements, and Industry Talk,  You are welcome to post your lengthy intro, and any information, sales pitch, etc. in any or all three of those folders.

Welcome to Swaylocks!

Thanks Huck!

Posted on the ads side that show on the main page.

Thanks for the links

Yeah, I found it after posting. Wish you the best with your new business, and hope you become a part of the regular community here.