Mini and Micro Walden's

Just wondering if anyone had checked out or surfed on the Walden Mini Magic Model or the Compact Disc? Saw both of them in a local surf shop and they looked pretty fun. I’ve ridden a friend of mine’s 9’0 Magic Model and prefer a traditional longboard feel in that length but for a smaller board the incresed turning ability might be fun. Any feedback?

i just put up a post about a first board i am gonna attempt to make and i was inspired for the shape in part by the walden compact disc i saw recently, the post is called “questions about a short egg/longboard type shape” and any input is greatly appreciated, i think those boards would be super fun on small to medium sized swell as they have longboard characteristics on the first half of the board and shortboard characteristics on the back half of the board… anyone ridden one of these yet? i could be wrong and am super curious about the shape

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Gee FF…based on all of your other insightful input here, I think we have to assume that your opinion is based on the color of the paint job as opposed to actual “feets-on” experience. If that’s not the case, let us know…

FoF You are no friend of mine. Fred

if you are going to ride something like that you would be much happier with a board from Liddle, Bojorquez, or Andreini.

If it was glassed at Epoxy Pro, boycot it!!! They suck gringo pickles!!!