Mini mal and volan

I’m thinking about making a 7’6 mini mal and wanted to wrap it in volan cloth. Here’s my question, I can buy volan from Fiberglass Supply online in 4, 6, and 10 oz. Would a single 10 oz layer on the deck be strong enough? I was thinking single 6 oz on the bottom, but wasn’t sure if i should go double 6 on top or just a single layer of 10 oz on the deck. What do you think?



P.S. This board is such a great resource. I’ve been reading posts for a while, but this is my first post. All of you have helped so much with tips on shaping, glassing, etc.

Any one?

Depends on too many other factors to say. Foam density, stringer size & number, your weight…

You can go with heavy foam and a thick stringer or two and, unless you’re the Hulk, one layer of 10 oz should be fine. You can also do a 10 oz and a 6 or 10 oz deck patch. Or you can use lightweight foam and thin stringers, then use 2 layers of 10 oz and basically end up in the same place. That’s more expensive (cloth & resin) but ends up at about the same weight and has a stronger skin.

If the 6 oz. volan is true 6 oz. and not the 7.5 oz. currently in vogue, use the 6 oz. and 4 oz. The 7.5 oz. will make the board feel heavy and dead. Steer clear of the 10 oz.