Mini mal to Fish (lis)

i want to try and convert my knackered, catches waves like a shortboard, mini mal - i have worked out a few bits and pieces and found that it does fit ok. i need some real help though on where the fins should go and angles and lengths of the tails - have put some photos up - these are just a rough sketch just to see if it would fit

the mini mal is 7-6 x 23 x 2 3/4

i weigh 13 stone if anyone has info on what length i would need to make it

any advice would be appreciated


These kind of surgeries dont work and then your left

with something worthless.

It may be just as easy to convert it into a Jolly Roger

Flying Kite as it will to be a functional Fish Tailed Surfboard.

Sell or trade it for something more to your liking.


Why bother?

Just add two finboxes 14" from the tip of the tail of your current outline, use two 6" fins, remove all the rest.

You retain paddling and wave catching, and still turn waaaay sharper and quicker.

Oh to the power of the odorlis Fish hype type has on young minds…sell it and get ya a blank or two for your very own fishy shape. don’t forget to clean up your butt crack.



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Oh to the power of the odorlis Fish hype type has on young minds”


that must make you quite an oldy then - i am at the wrong end of my 30s - just young at heart i guess

anyway - the board is junk - i couldnt sell cos i would be consumed by guilt about ruining someones outlook on surfing. The point is, its the bin or jigsaw so it might as well be the jigsaw first, then if it surfs like a cannon ball, it can go in the bin then !

If its a junk board then go for it!

But 3 finboxes is probably a salvagable idea

as opposed to a reconstructive make-over.

Like my Great Great GrandUncle Fignoli Titus Sose first said:

you can’t make Sow’s Ear into a Silk Purse.