mini-simmons fins

fyi ~ I work with Nick at Source on board and fin developement. I cut fins for some of his boards, not all. The only similatity between a Mini-Simmons and both models of the Scrambler is the that of some cross overs in template shape and even that is a departure from what one might call a traditional Mini-Simmons. The bottom contours, the rails, the foil, the fin templates, foils and placement are most dissimilar from a Simmons…Although it isn’t a single fin the board is actually has much more in common with the Velo that Greenough rode when he filmed “Cystal Voyager.”.

I think it would be good to remember that Simmons simply cut down a longboard and did little to change the foil, then put two fins on it abd proceeded to tune it to his liking. It was a huge leap in surfboard design from one of our greatest watermen.


Mahalo, Rich


Couldn't find much info on the Scrambler before, just pictures, so thanks for sharing your knowledge.

It would be great if you could share some info on the fin placements on the scrambler models? More for interest than anything - as with all things, I tend to learn as much as I can then just go with what feels/looks right for my board rather than copy anything religiously.

Cutting down an old longboard is actually exactly what i did to get the blank for my mini-sim-ish board, but beyond that I'm pretty sure it's not the truest interpretation - 5'5" x 23"ish x 3" with a good belly seemed like a fuin idea to me though



Not sure if this is any use... These are 4 x 8 single foiled out of hand made paulownia ply. Single foiled about 3/8" thick at the base. I put them 2" off the tail and 1 1/2" in from the rail, with about 4 degrees of toe. Been riding this pretty much exclusively for a couple months now and still haven't come to a conclusion on what I would change for the next one. Sometimes it feels like they don't engage or drive, but then I'll get a perfect little shoulder to work and it feels magic. I think they just need a little speed before they start working, as it feels like they aren't there on slow crumblers. Like I'm surfing on a garbage can lid.


ive been using a kindof hybrid keel/moon template, a keel fin with a little bit of leading edge added, and the top rounded off a smidge, and a little added to the back, found it to be a nice compromise. i’ve used single foil, double foil and 80/20 like the ones pictured below…whatever floats your boat!

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Hi everyone,

Dont mean to hijack the thread but I figured im still on topic with this.

Looking to shape a mini-simmons , and I fell in love with the 3 fins pictured above me.

I would really like to make my own fins just like what they have in the above Pictures. How do I do this?




Hi guys,

Is this thread dead?!

I was wondering if we could get more pics of the fins that you set on your mini Simmons?!

I've set these on the last one (designed by a friend who now do not want to design fins any more..) but the board was "not going". At the point where usually you get the speed, it was dragging. Maybe on top of the "funky" shape, I've set them to far from the tail, maybe a bit too big???

Tell me what do you think please.

So they are 4"1/2 deep, 1% toe in, 3º-4º cant and 2" from rail, 3" from tail.

Please show me what worked for you :)[img_assist|nid=1062838|title=5'3" WuWei|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=324][img_assist|nid=1062895|title=Fin setting|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=571]

I've cut them off already...

Thank you :)


Howdy Swaylockians,

I secnd what Rich said regarding the Scrambler.  it is very different from a mini Simmons.  Scrambler is not a groveler, but more of a hull, fast and sling shot type swoopyiness!

I love mine!  That being said I need a groveler, a “Turd Polisher” if you will and am looking for a Mini simmons.

Does any one have experience with the Source, Nick Palandrani version with the trailer fin? 

I am concerened it may want a better wave, and have too much overlap with my Scrambler.


Any thoughts are welcome!

Here is my first fin pannel/self-made fin for my first minni sim, 9 1/2" Base and 4 3/4" Tall but haven’t decided on fin placement yet…? There will def. be a ride report to follow as soon as the board is done and my newest ding heals up :0/

[img_assist|nid=1064800|title=Simmons Glass on Keel|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=420|height=238][img_assist|nid=1064801|title=My newest ding|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=346|height=197]

No worries mate, just fill it with some qcell and slap a layer of 4oz over the top of it and it’ll be as good as new in no time.