mini-simmons fins

Hi every one.

I am in the precess of shaping a 6’0 mini-simmons. I am stuck with the fins though.

I’d like to foil them in paulonia (typical mini-simmons template) .

I was thinking 2"3/4 high and maybe 7’’ long at the base. But I have no clue to how they have to be foiled (inside and out).

Could some of you give me your thoughts on size and foil ?

Thanks in advance.


ive found that a simple flat foil on the inside and a not much on the out, very basic works best

Afoaf are you out there?  you have a nice set... ;)


Your fins look quite long …

how about size ? anyone ?


Just signed up after months of lurking because i had almost exactly the same question about bamboo fins but for a 5’5" mini i’ve just shaped.

Also wondered if anyone had put ‘regular’ mid-rake keels on a mini-simmons shape (understand it’s not the original design intention) or had any thoughts about how they might work/ride - position, toe, cant etc…? I’ve got a spare set and tempted to glass them on and see…



I have used both raked fins (set at the corners) and half moon fins, foiled one side only and don’t feel a difference.

Mine are 10" base, 5 1/4" tall. Boards are 5’6" to 6’6", 17" tail, 19" to 21" nose with width being near 23".

boo yah!

I’ve ridden “standard” keels on this board in the same position and they are my preferred setup.

I have yet to ride these…will post an update once I get a session on these.

Thanks surfinghigh & afoaf - I was thinking i might be crazy as hadn’t
read about/seen anyone using ‘standard’ keels

Definitely think i’m going to
glass mine on and see. Any opinions about size/position?

my board is 5’5" x 22 1/2" x 2 1/2" and fins are mid rake 7 1/2" base and 5" tall single foil - maybe too small?

should i set them like simmons keels? no cant? 10egree toe in?

Well, I have built 7 of these mini things so far for myself, sold a few off but here is what I have done so far. The first three were straight up half moons like on the swift boards, no cant, no toe, just straight, 10" base, 5 1/4" tall. These bords worked well with no tracking but didn’t feel as loose as…

… a Source twinzer/hull “Scrambler” by Palandrani, I borrowed one and his fins were raked and set out on the corners of the tail. I built three copies of that board in various lengths using his fin design and layout.

IMO, his system works better. My 6’0" by 23" doesn’t spin out even in OH and steep surf. I don’t know the exact numbers I set them at, have a look at the Source website for a better idea, look at the Scrambler model. It is much looser than the straight fin layout but still not twitchy like a fish feels to me.

I am building a quadzer hull just for kicks, same twinzer hull but with four boxes.[img_assist|nid=1045754|title=mini|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]

Thanks afoaf…my skilz, they r lacking…lol.

I like your fin set up, more or less what I am after with the quad hull I am building for myself.

These little wide boards fly up here in our mushy beachbreak and they have weaned me off of the longboard on crappy days.

I have had a mini simmons with fins like afoaf has (from probox larry). those worked out good. interestingly, you could slide teh tail with those. never a problem though. the board was a bit tracky if your rear foot was not in the right place.


since then, i got a Source Scrambler. it has cutaway flex keels with a lot of rake. they look a bit like rasta’s keel fins, on FCS i believe. loose. the tail releases real well. much better than the more standard keel like fin IMHO.


also heard from mabile that those halfmoon type keels can make the tail slide. 



thanks for all the input.

my first idea was definitly too small. i think i will stick to the half moon template but make it a little bigger.

Thanks guys

The Source Scrambler is pretty much how my board is going to turn out i think (albeit a severely bastardised amateur version). Can't believe I hadn't seen these before!

My fins haven't got the break in the base like Rasta's or the fins on the white scrambler board on the source website, but they're a similar size. Just got to set them in the right place now (fingers crossed)...

I agree 1000%

If I go to a longboard it’s a long(er) hull for days when it’s really lined up and fast.

I don’t bother with my traditional LBs anymore…the simmons killed them!

I was checking out a Terry Martin mini Simmons shaped for Tyler Warren and the fins on that board are 10 1/2" long x 4 1/2" tall.  Crazy board.  Like nothing I have seen by any other board builders.

Good luck!


I must admit that's the best looking boo board I have ever seen. Looks like your getting all ARTISY on us?

Did you make those fins? They go well with your board!


I have a 13x17 finlay up (42 sheets of 6oz) that i pulled off the glass to soon and is now slightly curved and I won't be able to get two LB fins out of it. I figure I will be able to cut it in half and still be able to foil two fins for my mini simms I'm working on.

Any input on how thick the fin should be foiled down? Considering they will get thicker once I cover with hot coat.


no artsy fartsy stuff here…I leave that to lillibel…this is pure garage hackery!

ProBox Larry made the fins…they are hot!