Mini Simmons for Big guy

what size mini simmon would fit a 6’3 240 intermediate surfer that surfs mostly longboards and eggs on beach breaks? ive seen mccallum make a 7 1/2 footer but i dont know how it surfs. any input would be great. thanks guys

At 6’2" and about 210lbs, my 6’2"x23.5x3 (with a swallow tail) paddles easy and has tons of glide…I feel like I could definitely go shorter. So far, I’ve had it in everything from 2ft to overhead surf (a few weeks ago in San Diego) and no real complaints or limitations yet (except sometimes I’m “tricked” by the board into thinking I can catch stuff as early as the longboarders when I really can’t - but it’s close). It’s a Larry Mabile shaped “white pony”.


Hope that helps a little.


nice… you got any pic matt?

6’0 (or smaller) x 23" x 3"-3 1/8"

The width and the amount of volume that generally gets carried to the rails on these things means you can go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shorter than you think.

Mine is 6’4" and at 235 and 6’1" I could go much shorter and still have a ridiculous wave count.

Call Spence…he can get you dialed in.


yea afof i saw you board and that made me think that this board would be better for my friend than a big guy tri. he has tried a few and they dont seem to work too well in surf under head high(as that is what was on tap the last couple weeks). do you think 6’6 is too big? he digs longboarding and noseriding but wants to switch it up with something shorter. Hell i might just jump in and start shaping off this old blank i got that would work well in the 6’6 length.

so ive seen most have single concave out back from like 2’ from tail. but some seem to have flat bottoms and some have a belly. When should the belly start and how far should it go towards the nose?

Here you go (there are a couple more pics on Swaylocks elsewhere):

Belly in the nose - single concave out the back.

Ok…that’s scary…tried to post a pic of the board, and it picked a random one from my computer…not the one intended even though the file name was the right one (I deleted it).


I’ll try again later some other way - not so keen on some random, unexpected photo accidentally posting on here (it wouldn’t show me a preview).

Check the pics at the end of this thread - the falsa balsa:


Both the belly and the concave are mild unlike a lot of the other shapes I’ve seen on here.

My board is over 23" wide and more than 3" thick.

Even though it is three feet shorter than my go-to longboards, it catches waves better than all of them.

Further, I can surf this board in conditions that my longboards would never work in.

The simmons is a wave magnet.

Going longer is just going to make it harder to duck dive…all that width and thickness can make it pretty unwieldy.

The guy is going to be riding something shorter than he’s ever ridden before, but he’s going to be catching more waves and going faster than he’s ever been…though they do take a little getting used to since they have such instant acceleration. Really push the limits and think SHORTER!

For the local south bay beach breaks here in LA, this design works from March through September and makes for surf days when you otherwise wouldn’t have gone out with other equipment.

There are people that have more time working out the nuances of the design…they might be able to chime in on the bottom contours…mine goes from a full hull up front to a double concave out the back…the belly fades out pretty early on mine and it has been suggested that I can get a little more juice out of it if it were blended a little further back to the middle…this is something I’ll try in version 2.

If you’re located anywhere in socal and want to check this board out, shoot me a PM.

Listen to afoaf…mine is definitely not “easy” to duck dive even at only 6’2" (and I’m a relatively strong guy).

My personal favorite has been 8’.  I get all the good stuff of a long board, noseriding, trim, wave catching  and really snappy turns. I have also been riding a 9’er all summer having a blast. I am big, old, heavy and they work great.  to see some.