mini turbo fins ....

anyone made them [small curved side fins for a thruster setup] ?

I am planning to lay up some tomorrow…

… to be continued …


next question …

margarine container plastic + waxpaper = "meltdown " resistant , or not ?

[this post and the above one ARE connected , don’t worry !]

cheers !


I (preferably) need to know the answer to this question within the next 10 hours or so , please…thanks !

Hey Chip,

A small plastic bucket would have a little more strength than a marg container. The wax paper is a good idea, or cling wrap, plastic, anthing logical that won’t stick.

If it’s a nylon type plastic it won’t stick anyway.

Have fun.

thanks Greg !

…good idea…

hicksy’s daughter’s snd bucket will never be the same again ! [or, actually , is that Grant’s sandbucket ?]



1-2 weeks ago, someone posted a thread where he explains how to build curved wood fins from snapped skateboard decks. Try to find it.

…yeah, i build, in fact now i surfin with these fins…

but in later 2003 Halcyon, and J Mellor have a thread with me about that, and Halcyon dont like the idea…so…

Hey reverb,

I don’t like the idea? Hummmm… Wait a minute!

First let’s sort out what a mini turbo fin is.

What do they look like?

The term “Turbo,” just like ten thousand other surf terms, has been used lots of different ways so let pin down what we’re referring to in a mini turbo fin and what it looks like and how it will be placed on the board and we’ll go from there.

Lokbox has fins on the market called turbo fins.

There’s a longboard fin that is intended to keep the tail from spinning out called a turbo fin.

In the history of surfing the term has been used plenty of other times although I’m not aware of all it’s other applications. OH! – What kind of surf? What kind of board?

There are so many variables when it comes to fin application that it’s real important to pin down what we’re talking about.

Clear cut info is what I build opinions from.

We’re all entitled to them and they help the performance picture evlove so keep ‘em comin’!

Mahalo, Rich

…hey Halcyon, your reply was in a thread from nov 28 2003 under tunnel fins (reverb)…

…the fins are exactly what Chipfish talk…

Hey Reverb,

Thanks for the thread reference.

In the duscussion you refer to the word “Turbo” refers to a fin with bulb that has a hole in it that runs parallel to the stringer of the board. When I closed my text in that tread I said, I’m convinced that affecting water flow as effectively as possible by external fin contours works the best. In any case I’m always open to correction." This hollow bulb is like putting an internal contour in the fin, plumbing it, if you will.

I also mentioned in that thread that I was working on reducing the drag coeffecient of rail fins, and so I have with some success that’s been confirmed by many surfers.

This thread [mini turbo fins] opens with the following reference: [small curved side fins for a thruster setup] ?

So what let’s clarify what the turbo reference is.

If it’s the one with the hole through the middle. What I said there in the thread you refer to addresses my sense of how this approach to fin configuration affect performance. I’ll only add that such a design can’t be expected to create much lift.

If we’re talkin curves on the external surface of the fins we’re off onto the many demensions that make fins drive, drag, stabilize and release. At present science says there are eleven demensions. I doubt if we could measure any of them without the presence of a fluid.

My approach is to move through, over and lift off water effectively not contain it, which I do all the time as a plumber.

       ...Water, life fluid, 

this vehicle on which evolution rides...

No Worries, Rich

mini versions of the Lokbox [and,in the 80s, ‘Rainbow fin co’.] “turbo fins”…

No… not "tunnel " fins !

“MINI TURBO FINS”. [Writes Ben, with maxi sized letters !]

okay , I hope this clarifies things…


…yes,…we talking about curves in the external side faces…, i used extensively, in the last months…but may be works cause the size, (they re stabilizers like…), kick tail, hip in the outline, bigger and less rake rear fin…i dont know…theoretical may dont work…but in action seems to be good.

…in my next boards i ll try with fins similars like yours and Blakestah types…

Hey, maybe, just maybe, you could get a hold of some carbon and finally, after all the talk of doing carbon fins, actually build some;)

yes, your carbon fibre is sitting there in "Hicksy’'s garage , WAITING …

Now that my "prawn " [fish] has been fixed , and the creased bonzer also , some keels need bases .

Once Hicksy and I have a new base mould made , the carbon fibre you sent will DEFINATELY be getting used Gary ! [thanks again for sending that , mate !! I’m still scouting the shops for your surprise, by the way ! ]