Mirandon Twin Pin Design Theory

I wonder if I could have some design explanation of the Mirandon Twin Pin .Apart from the fact they look aesthetically beautiful , has anyone ridden one and if so how are they ? What conditions are they more suited.? On the Non Thruster thread Janklow put up ref to Ryan Field photographer-thanks Janklow moving and inspiring site-and there were shots of someone riding one but it has now been removed or I am having a senior moment and cant find it. The board seemed around 8ft .


Thanks DrAl ,but I have the site but I was sure there was a couple of photos of someone riding a Twin Pin. This is what comes of logging on very late after a good party …probably ended up in some other surf zone entirely .Anyways I would love to hear how they work .Cheers


Being the renegade hellman that he was, Bear Mirandon wanted something that he could ride the biggest and gnarliest of LaJolla’s waves and reefs. Bill Thrailkill can explain it… or just read Richard Kenvins article “The Materials at Hand” in Surfer’s Journal from last year.

I would think the pins like that would facilitate flex, and hence better turns. i can’t recall whether the old twinpins were wood or foam tho. the mackie fish have long pins like that.

Thanks for background . I was wondering about measurements and there appears a deep V separating the pin tails . Curious that other shapers appeared not to explore this design . Or did they ?



No, they did not.

some of the mick mackie fish of today have long pins like that… and i’m sure flex has a lot to do with it. ( Consafos?)

No, on the flex too.

Wouldn’t the fishes, swallowtails and all the variations be an exploration of the basic idea? Bill, would you elaborate please? Mike


Wouldn’t the fishes, swallowtails and all the variations be an exploration of the basic idea? Bill, would you elaborate please? Mike

Perhaps. I can’t speak to what inspired Lis. But I know of no other shapers that picked up, or explored, what Nick and ‘Bear’, were doing. As to the long pins, they were 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick, at the V, so zero flex. The ‘‘shortboard revolution’’ quickly overshadowed this particular design path.

Lis was inspired by earlier twins used for kneeboards, as well as the old Simmon’s design.


check out Eli Mirandon’s site, http://elisurfing.blogspot.com

found photos of twin pin in action . Go to Archives in Ryan Field site and click on Mirandon Brothers . 89 photos of boards . Beautiful. I am trying to gauge size of the yellow with the trailer . Seems like a pig outline and very wide from pin to pin . Any suggestions . I would take a guess at 8’6’’ in length . There seems to be very little actual info in this area . Any reason for this ?




My first post under new order.Help. Just reread the article in Surfers Journal and it mentions that there is concave going to flat going to V in the bottom going out to the pins . Any idea how all this is put together?. Any idea of dimensions of the boards as they are not referred to in the article. Were they wider south of centre?Also interesting is the Porpoise board from the 70’s with its sidecut along the same principal as Morey’s Swizzle.




had the extreme good fortune to meet Eli this past weekend- totally down to earth nice guy, and he had a truckload (literally) of Mirandon boards with him. I was really stoked to get to handle the Porpoise in person- insanely light and thin with beautiful workmanship. Looking at it you realize that the weird tail is totally like having two mini surfboards at the back end. This was almost a normal board compared to some of the stuff he had with him too. I hope these photos load, I need to figure out this new system!

Ah, figured it out! Awesome, usually it takes me weeks to do anything like that, and I can do borders and all kinds of stuff now. Nice- again my massive thanks to Mike P for this fun! Oh, obviously it’s the newer Porpoise board I’ve got here.

This is getting dirty. She is some beauty. Those curvy hips and man she may have short legs but that crotch…drive a truck thru that.

The shot of her face down on the sofa sent me over the edge…mexican rug and all. Ahhh those were the days.


Nice vids on the website, refreshing to see the way he surf compared to the competition surfing I’ve watched lately.