Misaligned Blank/ Stringer?

Hi, all.  I’m starting on my second board (9’1), and when I went to mark the blank wiht measurements, I noticed that there is more foam on one side of the blank.

It only seems to be really noticable on the tail / lower part of the blank (see photo below)

Is this normal (no big deal), or should I try to get some sort of refund?


Thanks!  and thanks for all the help (with the first board – turned out great)!



It’s not worth trying to get a refund over but I would suggest measuring the blank next time, if possible before you grab it. Also, with that brand of foam it is common but that doesn’t make it okay. If possible, check out US Blanks EPS longboards. Good luck and have fun!

Insignificant.     Use a snap string, centered at nose and tail, to find the centerline of the glued blank.      The deviation from the center of the stringer is meaningless.     Template and shape to the true centerline of the blank.

So the blank is probably symmetrical, but the stringer just won’t quite be in the center of it? 


Just make a new centerline, and ignore the stringer?

What I planned to do was just work from the stringer, and cut off more from the right side than the left.  Bad idea?



Seems you might be over thinking this. Make a template for symmetry, if the stinger is straight, use it as your center line guide, then draw your planshape outline. Makes little difference what you’ll be cutting off outside of your outline, right? 

Foiling, now there’s a whole different can of worms :wink:

No big deal.  Just line up your template to the stringer (assuming it's straight but off center) and proceed as normal.  You might have to take an extra pass or two with your sanding block to adjust for any thickness variance but it should make no difference whatsoever on the finished shape.

If you snap a chalkline down the true center of the blank as Bill suggests, your stringer will end up offset.  That could present some problems with the stringer being to one side at the nose or tail.  It also might give people the wrong idea if they take a tape measure to your board and measure symmetry from the stringer... Even if your outline curves are perfect, they will appear to be lopsided as compared to the stringer.

If your stringer is glued more or less in the center but is bowed, that is another story and one which would benefit from a snapped chalkline.  You would still be well advised to line up your template to the stringer at nose and tail but in the center, line it up with the chalkline.

EDIT:  Sorry Bud - Didn't see your post!




Thanks, Bud and johnmellor.  This makes lots of sense.

The stringer is straight.  I already traced my template onto the blank (the red outline).  I would probably just need to pay attention to the thickness, and take down the left side of the deck a little more.

I have one more blank (bought 3 to save on shipping), and it looks ok. I think I’ll try to use that one first, and save this one for last (when I have a little more experience)

Kind of stinks to have this happen. I opened up the box and looked the blanks over when they were delivered, but I didn’t know to look for anything like this.  I think I’ll try another source for foam next time.

“Kind of stinks to have this happen”

Get used to it.  Learn to shape around it. When you find a PERFECT, whatever that is, surfboard let me know. Just keep getting better with each one and you are on your way.

Not a problem, the stringer is the new centerline.  Cut the outline then even up the thickness (off the fat side) with a sureform or planer before even skinning it.  That way you’re not playing catch up when in the shaping mode.  Take charge.

it happens… I hesitate to say fairly regularly. but I see it in the shop pretty often. If the blank goes on the machine its not going to matter much, for handshapes its a bit more effort but easily manageable. Like people said prior dont over think it. Only time its a real pain in the ass is on close tolerance shortboard blanks where you are shaping a 19 1/2 wide board out of a 19 5/8 Blank and the stringer is offset. I bet there are 3 or 4 blanks in our loft right now that are half templated for that reason.

don ho song lyric

‘ain’t no big ting brudda’

a half template trancends

 many stringer anomolies

Scribe the line THEN

just cut it out and shape it.

plenty more mistakes and 

oopsinskis to deal with before ya’ll glass

just keepin’ goin’ is the highest goal.

By the time you are done all the

shortcommings of the board will become

your silent secret mantra,sometimes

the ‘what’s wrong’ with the board 

are what makes the board expecially better.

The hardest road block can be overcome

with a "screw it  I’m Just Going"attitude.

if you really wanna get ‘Like dat’ add another

foam spacer and a matching stringer 

or two or three …

but by now you already have two sides and

a hotcoat on the board so you can start

the other two and ride this first

one saturday morning…


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Hey John that picture really freaks people out - you nailed it, its the stringer offset that throws your eye off.  Yes, the board is an asym, but not as much as it first appears.  I modified the pic to show how it would look with a centered stringer…

Like everyone else says, work around it and a fine lesson is learned.  Excellence is not always perfection.

Why do you think its called shaping?  If it came out not needing to be shaped you couldn’t call yourself a shaper- right?  Arghh, I have never seen a perfect blank- there is always something wrong, so learn to work with it and like most women with make up, cover it up somehow.  I would wager it all, that even with your keen eye being a newbie your shape will look pretty bad; go ahead and prove me wrong, and I will apologize.  Nonetheless, sounds like you can’t take responsibility, and will blame the out of porportion shape on the glue-up, and there will be those who believe you that you know what your talking about.  

NO EXCUSES, do the best with what you have.