mixing Gloss and Lam resin


I’m coming to the end of my drum of Gloss resin. I’ve got one more long board to do before the end of the summer and I’d really like to avoid buying another drum of Gloss (I don’t do alot of work in the winter)

I reckon I’ve got about 80% of my required Gloss resin. I’m thinking of taking a small quantity of Lam resin and adding some styrene and some wax. Then I’ll mix this with the gloss resin.

Has anybody ever done this.

How will settle out on the board

Will it polish up ok.



Gloss resin is Lam resin with wax in it anyway.

No problem.

Just make sure to mix thouroughly and test prior to final application


Sorry mate, I’ll give you that gloss tomorrow

i’d been having problems with the silmar gloss resin not going off as quickly as expected, even though i doubled the amount of mekp i’d been using…even when i tripled it. in florida’s afternoons.

i added just for the hell of it some sanding resin and found that not only did it go off nearly as quick as sanding resin, but i had a much better looking gloss goat.

i used a very rough 2- 3:1 ratio of gloss to sanding, and 2 caps ( my standard unit of mekp measurement is the cap that comes on the plastic 8 oz bottles) of mekp for an 8’4 x 21.5 speed shape. i use a lot more resin than the pro’s so probably a pint to pint and a half of gloss to a half pint of sanding.

if you use lam you’ll need to add the chemicals mentioned. if you use sanding, the chems are already in there. the more sanding resin u use, the faster it will go off.

Howzit Brian, Adding lam resin will make your gloss coat kick off faster, Add 10% styrene and about 3-5% SA to the mix. I came up a littls short of gloss on the last board I did and added the lam resin with no problems.Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua and Peter G for the advise.

Kokua - I’ll post a pic of that cloth inlay board that you advised me on last week… I’m starting glass this weekend