Model T?

Can anyone enlighten me as to the origin of this board, and possible year of it’s birth?

My educated guess says it’s a Joel Tudor from about the mid 90s

Good educated guess.  Do you see any shapers mark or #'s??

Early Joel Tudor from the 90s?

What does the Pi symbol with crescent mean???

That’s just a stylized T, as you can see in the name “Tudor”.

Pics of the board were posted in a collectors’ group. The guy who has it was asking for info. He is in San Diego. DUH!

I told him to take it to Mitch’s in Solana Beach.

Think they might know something? :wink:

Oh, and he was under the false impression that it’s a 60s board.


I meant to say this sooner;  Stu Kenson and Bill (?) Shorsbee shaped those boards for Tudor at differant times.  DT may have shaped the earlier versions.  I’m thinking the first Model T I ever saw was a Takayama.  Not absolutely sure of the DT connection.  Shorsbee signed the ones he did.  A good friend of mine has a Model T  and it is blatantly signed by “Shros”.

Hank Byzak, also for a time shaped Boards for Tudor. I have no idea of the dates he shaped for  Tudor.   Bob Sakota was a Ghost shaper for TD in the 1990s. he did a lot of the production Boards as well as Boards that DT was doing for Tudor and Nat Young.