Modern Fish 2 for Ryan


Modern Fish 2     5 Fin for Ryan in Santa Cruz
6'4" x 22" x 2 7/8"
Ride Report

Since getting my Mod Fish 2 I have either become a much better surfer or this the most versatile and high performance board i have ever had. It feels like the barrier to allowing my body to do what it know I need to do on the wave is almost negligible. I have a lot more time and speed, and may more options open on the wave than I am used to. It actually feels like I am surfing my best ever at 40 years old and that is priceless!

Thank you very much!
— at The Hook.

These guys are beyond happy .

And so am I.  :-)


They surf my old spot in Santa Cruz :-)

When are you coming back over Griff?

It fell through on your last visit but, I’d like to hook up for a board when you come to the mainland again.

Nice board!!

love to get me a set of those fins… anyone wanna ship em to N.Z?

Check his site custom fin shipping shown as $10 US $20 for the rest of us. Doesn’t say anything about five fin sets though.