Modern High-Performance surfing......See by an amateur videographer ;)

I finally bought the cable I needed to transfer some old (2005) footage over…Plus I have this new MacBook, which I’m new to, so I thought I’d try and see how easy it was to use “iMovie” to make a little video/movie/whatever…It was fun. Sorry for the shaky footage, all I had was my crappy, cheap video camera and no tripod…There’s some Slater, Irons, Reyes, Lovett, Burrow and others…Just some high performance surfing from the Pros.


Good stuff, now all you have to do is put it in a housing and go out a bit closer…

I like how you left a lot of drop-ins & pop-ups. For some reason, a lot of surf video editors edit the waves to start when the guy’s already on his feet and it just bugs me. Artificial or something, like they were all towing in.

So, was it easy to use the iMovie? How long did it take you to edit this together? Have you done similar work before?

thanks for sharing Tenover…

some of those sections that were being made

going right were incredible! sections where i expected

the guy to straighten out but he’d just come flying around

the bottom and up into the lip. incredible

I’m with Benny1.

It’s nice to see the waves for the beginning(popping up).

I like the way you are pulled back a little more than most surf footage.

Gives me a better idea of where and how they are hitting the top.

Good footage, thanks.

thanks for sharing…

I love my PowerBook and my wife loves her MacBook. iMovie is great and easy to use, though we have not done much with it.