Modified Makita Planer

This is the prototype/working model. Feels like a Skil since the knob is same as a 100 (early) and the handle is an HD 77 worm-drive saw. Cut is zero to 1/8" deep x 3-1/4" wide, lever sweep is 90 degrees. Motor is 7.5 amp. Can be set up for right or left hand users, and vacuum elbow uses my same adapter as the Skil version so it fits slinky, Festool, or Shop Vac. Just remove the elbow if no vac system. Makita uses the same reversible carbide blades as Bosch and never need adjustment. Shoe is a sliding type like a Skil, not up/down like the Bosch or Hitachi. The housing below the knob will be much more refined on the production version. Heavier (7.4 lbs) than a Bosch (6 lbs) so it cuts more like a Skil (9 lbs) on the flats.

Everything is essentially bolt-on, there is some minor trimming of the housing for the vac/dust ports (Dremel stuff). Kit includes: Handle with switch, new cam / knob / housing, modified knob base, exhaust port plug. Vac elbow is optional, and Makita also makes one (don’t know what it fits). Takes about an hour to convert.

It will be another month until I get the parts made and work out price/distribution with my retailers (who will ship internationally). During this time I will also continue field testing with various shapers and get their inputs. Kit pricing will be around the $200 range and the Makita sells for about the same. I will not be selling kits direct but will do conversions.

I’m in. Can’t wait.

looks great. hows the Db level? can you make a grit barrel version too? Does it (pretty please) have a trigger lock???

I’m in.

That mushroom knob will be great.

Sound dB level is 84 (per Makita) which is comparable to a blender. Sorry, there’s no trigger lock on the Skil 77 saws (they’re dangerous even when not running). However, I can get a trigger lock switch that fits and modify the handle for you. But I have to say that this is an uncommonly powerful planer and you may not want to lock the trigger, when I was testing the cut depth it mowed 1/8" deep into oak like it was foam.
Shapers AU makes a grit barrel for the Makita KP0800, but it doesn’t fit this KP0810. The price is $300 AU, so it’s unlikely I will be investing in making these. Once the kits get some traction in AU, maybe Shapers will do a grit barrel there.
Here’s a back shot:

Can’t wait either since I already own the planer.

Hi Pete,
Looks nice. Looking forward to getting my hands on it in Aus. Any chance of getting just the depth adjustment and knob assembly when you finalise it all? I have already done a few mods to mine. Great tool.

Pete - if it is of any interest there is a company called Oliver Carbide located in the mid west that will but burr grit on almost anything. They have a division call Kutzall that specializes in burr style cutting tools.

They will custom make stuff and also do recoatings if damaged.

I had a friend who used those shapers au tools for his cnc. When they got chipped they did t cut right. I turned him onto this place to get them recoated at a much more reasonable price.