Monkey nose

Anyone here ever heard of or ridden a “Monkey nose?” My dad always used to talk about a board he rode in the 70’s that sounds a lot like a Walden CD… Just think it’d be cool to shape one but can’t find anything anywhere about them.   Any info wound be awesome. 


Never ridden nor seen one in person but based on description of Magic line… I had a 7’ thruster fined nose rider from Dave Johnson of Progressive Designs in Santa Barbara. Significant concave up front, medium thin rails w/ tucked hard edge, soft and closer to 60/40 up front as I remember. I’m only 5’3" X 120 lbs so not tiny for me. It was one of the most fun and versitile boards I’ve ever had. Worked great up to couple feet overhead Rincon, carved turns, fast forward trim, and great nose rider in smaller waves. Also, for my size, paddled and caught waves almost like a full sized longboard.