moonlight glassing photos *PIC*

Thanks, TFAD…;f=4;t=000509;p=1

so what about the pi?? a fish at moonlight what else is new???

follow the link, there’s more fish in the sea

hey dubstar ,I DID!! You are correct ,it was really a cool sit.There were some really nice boards by malcom and others!!! Sorry, for the quick judge remark!!![smile]-yours truly,Osama PS. My internet connection is weak in my hole.

Cool! I’d really like to get a board from the Campbell brothers…

Yea… there’s some nice pics in there. Can someone explain how this is done… e.g. not letting the swirls overlap with the bottom tint. Are the swirls done on the foam, on the deck glass, or on the hotcoat? Thanks,

I was at moonlight a while back and saw Peter (shop owner) doing one of these, it appeared to be on the deck glass. He also said “color is our specialty”… (that and pinlines, from what I’ve gathered.)

mask off the rails and do the color as a deck “insert” - generally speaking, color can be done in the insert lam, air brush spray or resin tint on the foam. Follow with clear deck lam with overlap. Keeping the edges clean is the hard part.