More Carbon questions...

What is going to add more “rigidity” and/or strength - one layer of 12" wide, 5.5oz, unidirectional, or two layers of 6" wide - same stuff?

Thanks again for all the help, and indulgence (for me not trying to sifft through the archives for such a specific quetion.) Taylor

Ps. Did I mention… “Aloha”

The two layer will add more rigidity. Think of it as a sandwich composite.

Hey T,

laminate thickness is one of the keys…

two layers stacked will be stiffer than one wider…like compsand said…“compsand”? where have i heard that b4?

now put a curve in that laminate, like vertical window blinds and it becomes much stiffer…

however, if youre just adding carbon laminate to an already thick part, like a surfboard blank, it becomes less noticable…lots of variables

Well, well, well… “put a curve in that laminate…” Ha! Compound curves… Now you all know why I am looking for a single “thread” - Much easier to put it in a compound curves.

The sandwhich idea makes sense too, even if it’s only sandwiched w/itself…

I’ll let ya’ll know when it’s done, give ya a report after a summer’s test run to points SW, and, DaleS. willing, maybe even come up w/some pictures.

Onward and some other ward… Taylor