more fish video fun

go to You Tube, search Fryelongfish, be happy.

Maybe a more tech savvy Swaylockian could link it?


killer. another one. thanks for posting that.

Thanks Doc

Yup. Gotta be really short to ride ‘fishlike.’ (sarcasm!) Thanks boys. I like that one too. Mike

Hey Rooster,

Any idea about the size etc of those Frye longer fishes?? Are they twin keels?

Bottom contours? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Gill,

I have no idea. That board looked close to 7 feet to me. Still making hard swooping rail turns, though. Excellent surfer. I’d love to get a close look at one. I wonder if Skip puts a bit more rocker in them than a shorty fish. His fish appear more ‘softer edged’ than some of the other pro builders. Maybe + one will check in on this. mike

they have the “Simmon’s” bottom and rails


I’ve fondled one at length. Skip built one for a friend of mine. Evidently, they are pretty close. The board is a beauty. It’s 6’9’’ and its a twin keel with Geppys. The rails are unique… its like a real steep down rail nose to tail but with a tucked edge–does that make sense–not soft in the trad. sense.

Bottom contours had quite a bit going on if I recall correctly. I seem to remember some belly up front turning into a pretty noticeable concave. General I know but I was mainly admiring and not studying.

As stated it’s his 6’9" fish model, I am told Skip was stoked how it just fits a particular blank

so I imagine that blank to be the same length. I will find out the type of blank. It uses the taller

Gephart keels. The guy is dismantling second point at Scorpion Bay. It looks deceptively

uncrowded. The guy might be RK, but I’m not sure…