More Luna Fish pics (sanding)

Finally coming together… Needs a bunch more sanding, but it looks and feels like a surfboard now…

Started out using a random orbital, but felt much better to just use a block and do it by hand. It’s taking a while, but I get the same feeling I was getting when I shaped it. I guess I can live with my right arm being 10 times bigger than my left.


im really diggin’ the fins. however, is it the camera playing tricks or is the right box slightly further up than the left box?

optical illusion :slight_smile:

I actually did measure incorrectly the first time (NEVER measure when you’re tired!) - I checked it 3 times from the wrong spot! The extra oval is where I filled it in with a new piecs of foam.

Live and learn…


Very nicely done! now finish sanding (get out any scratches) and wash it down. Congratulations and go celebrate!

harbor frieght tools 7" sander polisher 24.99 (cheap but ) save your arm and will be there all day with a orbital sander won’t cut for sanding boards.

Yup, ordered on a couple days ago, but truthfully, I really am having fun sanding by hand. If I had to do this for a living however… ferget it. I’m taking it out for a test ride tomorrow, and probably finish the sanding this weekend.

btw - I got the $49 model, is there any difference between the 2 I should know about for surfboard sanding? (besides the price, of course)


no it is just on sale now for 24.99 so call them and tell them u want the sale price!!!

My personal boards I sand out about 95 percent done. Ride it and see if its deserving of more sanding and a gloss coat. If there ugly and a gloss coat won’t help it anyway I just ride it at 95 percent sanded. I bought that harbor freight after my porter cable got ripped off. I couldn’t get the hang of it. Lots and lots of moons. Very well could have been my technique,but I ended up buying another little Porter Cable. Love it, too. Mike

Heh, no, I mean I got this one:

Which is on sale for $49… and looks pretty much like the model I’d seen folks using in the archives, but I’m not positive about that… so is there any difference between that one and the $29 dollar one? Does the handle on the ceaper on make it easier… that kind of thing…


Cool. Well, since I have the chance to go out tomorrow, I get to try mine out about 30% sanded. I can tell you right now that I’m not that good a surfer that I’ll even be able to tell…

Can’t wait to start on my next board… gonna do a 6’1" pintail shortie. (ordered 3 blanks at once so I could keep the momentum going)