More on EPS recycling??

Just wanted to hear thoughts on recycling EPS from the gurus out there. Obviously scrap will become an issue, going from close tolerance blanks to EPS, XTR, etc… Wanted to hear about how viable is recycling?? Found this site: . Do we all need to purchase recyclers? I just think of how much friggin’ scrap I had from pu and I’m a pretty small factory, nowhere near any foam recyclers (I think??) Also, is it profitable? I always envied the “pickle” wax remover guys making it off trash!!

p.s. aside from the aspect of possibly helping board builders put a few extra bucks in our stressed out bank accounts, this will obviously aid us in marketing a “new” product to our wanna-be eco friendly market, one that officially has our full attention!!


Obviously (EPS) scrap will become an issue

The companies that produce EPS all take back clean scrap so that they can recycle it. There is new eps product, but there is also eps product which is made from recycled eps. So unlike the heaps of rail scraps from Polyurethane foam blanks that went to the landfills. You can take the unused portions of the EPS block back to the maker you bought it from.

yep they all have machines which get existing foam and grind it back to beads , those beads are then put back into the process and reconstituted into new blocks , there are laws regarding the % of recycled foam allowable in new foam …

once that % has been crossed then it goes from being a structual foam to an insulation foam …