More RedX news... Good

I fell hard and long on my board fin side down. When I came up in the water I turned the board over, the center fin was gone - the insert and screw were still in the box, and - Here comes the good part - The box was fine, no cracks no nothing, and the side fins, although ground pretty good, were fine - I grabbed 'em and wiggled hard… fine as ever.

So, while I’m short a center fin, the box is fine, which is more than I can say for the time I barely bumped by FCS, and fin tabs broke, and the boxes cracked the glass around them.

In some fairness, the FCS came in a “pro board,” and I put my RedX in myself.

Anyway, except for some butt and heel and hand brusis, and a couple holes in my wet suit and goves, and holes in my board - not as bad as I thought but… I’m OK. Ha!


Sorry to hear about your fall. I’m glad that the boxes did what we designed them to do. Unfortunately, many of today boards are so under built that the boards go away around the boxes not vise versa. So, congratulations on making a board strong enough to go above and beyond the normal call of duty.

heya Taylor

patch the dings with orange tint!

love ya man :wink:

Timmmehhehehe - I’m not sure carrot spit will mix well with RR… Greg? Ha!

But, now that you mention it - I do have some nice carrot orange dry pastel… Hmmmm.

Adds to the carrochter! Ha!



Red-X is the Abrams tank of fin systems.

I had several boards w/ all types of fin systems in them …none of them even come close for strength…and not because I’m addicted to the X7s or anything like that.

Tom ,I added boxes to that 6-5 …now it’s a tri/quad/5-finner…Supercharged…and it goes…MAN !!! does it !

I pulled out an old 6’5" thruster that I left in Hawaii a few years back. I caught V-land DOH with 4 of us on it. Just had put away my 6’10" semi-gun with Next Generation X-2s to leave for Town and the airport, when I spied a NW swell no one was anticipating. That old squash tail thruster with X-4 sides and an X-1 trailer hooked up and pulled off some drops that I thought “OH Shit I’m nose diving straight into the reef”. It made my trip.


I still say(even though I built quads back in the 70s) tris are King.

You have a safe trip back Tom,SEE you soon my man.


DOH V-Land with four guys on a 6’5"?!?!?!?!

yah right, i wanna see pics… =)

SHEET Chris !

That’s nothing really…I’VE done the same with 10Xs the crowd using a 5-10…It’s not the gun…It’s the Shooter !


Sorry, I was too busy surfing. But, here’s a shot of Rock Piles about an hour later.

LOL i’m just envious tomatdaum =)

DOH V-Land sounds GREAT no matter what the crowd!


It’s not the gun…It’s the Shooter !

LOL i’ll have to remember that one Herb

It’s not the gun…It’s the Shooter !

LOL i’ll have to remember that one Herb

It’s a creed I live by,I’m glad it made you laugh…H

The Three Amigos have blessed your Surfboards with Ale. Many good waves will come soon. Do not fear the fire that comes in the rain…