more tint questions

just finished a red bottom tint, but it didnt come out as dark as i wanted!

is there anything i can do to darken it?


mix another batch darkr and filler coat it… it works …ambrose … I did it thursday

so just go over it again with another coat? but this time darker?


like ambrose said. You can mix another baax of lam resin with the appropriate color and do a fill coat directly on the bottom.

Or you could take some 4oz glass and laminate that onto the bottom


I did a 4oz bottom the other day and it also didn’t come out as dark as I had hoped. I the 4oz matting resin tints dont hold the colour aswell as the 6oz. I did what Ambrose did but just used a roller and it seemed to work. Resin tint always look so sweeet.

Just got some translusent blue pigment can’t wait to use it