more twinzer fun

I am dreaming up a twinzer style board and I love some input / ideas (especially fin placement stuff or info on what bottom contours might work)

The Board -  a 5'7" twin keel style template - slightly tweaked ! maybe a slightly pulled in nose and a hip behind the fins tail pulled to 8" or 9".... loose / skatey / drivey is what i'm hoping to achieve

I was searching through all of the archived info on twinzers and I found something that suggested the rear - (larger) fins should be located 7" up from the tail....  thoughts?

Oh - i have a set of the lokbox twinzer fins - so I'll probably use them...


Dang, my post is sinking like a brick!


Anyone have a Mabile twinzer fish and willing to share the distance from the tail to the back of the large rear fin?


I have looked through tons of info here and picked up some good stuff...

If I remember, I’ll do it tonight or something.

7" up is a good starting point - but think about the adjustment in the box when you plan the placement so you can have some movement front and back…

I love the twinzer set up on semi-trad fish. Much more fun than a quad!

Rob - Much thanks for your response!  I have been checking out your photos and work for a while now.  I was especially stoked to see your twinzer/mini-simmons creation.  Pretty much inspired by that - I'm going to hold off on shaping my new twinzer and instead modify my last mini-simmons into a twinzer. 

I made a "trilobite" style simmons with the bump and then slightly pulled in after the tail and then a box for the rear trailer fin.  The board currently doesnt drive down the line like it I hoped... I wanted to move the fins back farther anyway.  I was thinking about placing the canard in front of the bump then having my larger back fin begin off the trailing edge of the forward fin.  I have a few templetes to choose from and Im basically try to decide wether to use a more traditional twinzer style rear fin (ie more upright and rakey) or more of a keel.  Big desicion and it will really effect the ride.  Considering it's wide tail and flatter rocker what type of rear fin would you guys recomend?  Again - I'm hoping to acheive loose and skatey for beachbreak surf

I'm going to try to put some pictures on here....






hey, and thanks for the kind words.

at first glance, if that was mine, I would straigten up the keels to almost parallel, or 1/16" toe, move them in an inch overall, and add a small canard in front with maybe 1/2" over lap, 1 1/4" in between fins and parallel to the keels, then remove or modify the trailer to be micro sized.


just some quick thoughts, but i bet just removing the trailer would be fun!

Rob - good idea. Yeah these guys are kinda toed in a bit much.  While I'm at it I may move them a bit towards the tail...  just not getting that forward projection that I should be.

3.5" x 3.5" canards or smaller than that?

Any other ideas?  I really appreciate the input.  I'd love to dial this board in! 

The fin box in the back was origially intinded to be for a mini-trailer.  I threw that larger fin on in attempt to get more drive.


Here is a surf photo from Hatteras, NC a few weeks ago to stoke the people...  (not me surfing nor can I take credit for the photo.. I did catch some nice lefts that day)


that looks like FUN!


back to the fins, it depends on what size your keel is, and how you want it to go… i used the lead fin from a Bonzer5, but you could adapt even a C5 fin for use, and just fit an fcs plug or 2 for it…