Most Commonly Used Sandpapers?

I know this has been addressed randomly in various threads, but I would like to condense into one thread.  Here is the question?  Foam ---Poly or EPS, Wood or Compsand:  What grits and brands of sandpaper are you using?.   This would include screen.  From shaping to sanding hotcoat to wet and dry gloss and polish.   I am curious because I think what we will see is a certain amount of uniformity and a great deal of variety.    Thanks

Please use quality 3M products.  They will not let you down.

Norton paper is my personal choice. For foam, after the planer and surform, I use 36 and/or 40 for the grunt work (I’ll actually use 3M for these grits because it’s more readily available and cheaper) because I no longer use dragon skin. Then I go to 60 and/or 80 as I get close, and use 100 for the finish shaping. If needed, 120 to polish it out.

For sanding, I use 80 to hit the laps and take down the bumps, including the hotcoat “seam.” Once that’s down and everything is re-shaped to perfection with 80 grit, I’ll do a very thin final gloss coat, and go right to 220, 320, or even 400, depending on how smooth it came out. With this method, I don’t have to go through all the succession of grits, and it saves time. From there I’ll wet sand with a series of superfine grits (600 and up, depending on what I can find), then go to the polishing wheel, then the buffing wheel. But I’m no pro polisher… If I’m sanding the hotcoat only, I’ll stop at 320.

Foam data only from me, since that's the only thing I do.... And I don't use screen anymore, I'm 99.9% on EPS.

The 3M adhesive backed 36 grit automotive DA strips are the bomb for making flexy blocks. The glue that's on them won't hold for long, so I use PU glue for a permanent fix.

The best 40 grit sheets I've ever seen are Rynolox, made in Portugal. I can't remember the manufacturer name, have to check at work.

For 60, 80, 120, I prefer Hermes.

The little ''contour pads'' (~4''x 6'') from 3M will polish an EPS rail. These are a neoprene-like material with the grit bonded into the surface, whole pad and grit surface stretches and bends. Hard to find. The Norton versions are at HD, etc. They work but don't last near as long as the 3M.

Mike-----------Mean't to do this a few days ago.  Thought you'd like to know that I have found a good supply of those 3M flexie strips at Lowes.  Good selection of all 3M abrasives at Lowes

   Howzit Mke, I like Hermes and Fiberglass Hi sells it, good quality and lasts. Aloha,Kokua 

 3M products are the question..........Made in the USA.

I will use Norton sandpaper because it's good stuff and sold at Home Depot....Made in Canada.

3M is the best...3M has a product for all your needs....Sanding ,buffing , your local auto body paint supply store....Look in the yellow pages under auto repair.

i like japanese papers an 3m freecut


Hey McDing, thanks for the info on Lowes carrying the 3M contour pads. I've been getting them at a small hardware store, but if Lowes is now stocking them that's good for everybody (that have a Lowes nearby).

I misspelled the name of the good #40, it's actually ''Rhynalox'', made by Indasa, .

More complete info on Hermes; it's the HCAB Long-Life sheets.