Most expensive surfboard of all time?

The Baron wooden surfboard by Roy Stewart - eBay (item 120567528461 end time May-19-10 02:06:02 PDT)


Beware, my friend… Mr Stewart may be known for the fastest boards on the water, but not for his sense of humor: as soon as I had posted about the board-bag colors, I got an e-mail from Mr Stewart that read: “Piss off.”


(…To which I replied: “Funny name. Mine is Guilhem rainfray.”)


BTW, was I the only one or did others receive such e-mails?

holy smokes...i think someone put an extra nine in there or something...i would never pay as much for a surfboard as i would for a bmw...better be free shipping

This ought to be good..........

What a "Hoot"!  Typical.  Over Inflated Ego to go with an Over Inflated Price.  Some fool with more money than brains may buy it just for the historical value.  Like articles I've seen about weird inventions and patents.  Roy rerminds me a little of the inventor Dad in "Gremlins" played by the late Hoyt Axton.

Kinda steep for a used board ( see the video shown on the eBay page) of mediocre performance at best.

On the other hand, the fin setup is interesting: any fish you ran over with it would be scaled, gutted and filleted, all in one go....

Caveat Emptor!


“Please specify your choice of  blue or
red board bag.”


Now, THIS justifies the price, doesn’t it?

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It's a laugh.

Bid starting at $29,994



On Roy's site:

A new Baron is available for delivery now, the price of US$29,997 includes crated shipping and a custom surf tubes board bag. Payment may be made in three


So it is 3 bucks cheaper on ebay...and have to pay in full


A lot of money for a bag

Slightly cheaper, still overpriced but from a more renowned shaper :

Even more expensive …

I personally would rather buy a house with that money, or a really nice board making facility.

I have a nice 12 footer that I just started thats for sale for $30,000 cash. No checks or credit cards. I will deliver it in person anyplace in the world for free ( except active war zones) Or you can stop by with your Lear Jet and I will give you a 10 percent discount and treat you to lunch at Burger King. 

Bet Kirk(sp?) from Metallica would buy one at that price..

Isn't Kirk a reference client of his?

those kind of guys spend more than that on a hotel for a night..

If you didnt start laughing when you read this…well read it again…I laughed again.


I have a fin for sale…only $0.15…I mean $1500.00


let me know if you want one

that was the worst display of board riding I have seen for some time. Hows the nose boing doing bounce. sheesh. some people! what a pig!


You’re not talking about Lynch, are you? I’m pretty sure he does not shape those boards anymore.

What's so funny, I just bought it.

Are you going to surf it or just hang it?


I went to ebay to get an idea of how much I might sell my “Giant Squid” for. It’s over a year now that it’s just sitting here. I’ve been tempted to wax it up but then think I’d be better off selling it to fund some new projects. So I go to ebay looking for prices, to see what’s selling for the amount I’d like to get for my board and came across that. Now I’m confused. I think my board’s better looking and probably more functional, so I should ask…$40,000???

BTW I checked out the evolution stuff, they have plain old t-shirts there for $120 !!! What’s wrong with me? I’ve been paying only $10-$25 for tees ( and feeling I’m getting ripped off).