move yer car/s out of the garage !

#12 of 15 shaped and glass in my garage / shop

9’2" clark supergreen 1/4 redwood stringer

shop built tail block

shape eyeballed from old G&S nose rider

cloth inlay 1st lam

dble 6oz deck , sngl 6oz on bottom


What is the wood in between the redwood on teh block? Basswood? Poplar?


howdy drew that tailblock is wood that came out of a free box of scrap wood strips from a friends wood shop

it is ceder and a blonde birch

thanks for the kudos

the last few boards I have had a fixation on cloth inlay and old school shapes.

Beeeuuutiful. Mike

thas a very nice board, very shiny, what type of cloth did you use for the inlay?

Also I noticed the purple line, I’m guessing that’s to hide the egde of the cloth, like a pin line, or does it hold the cloth in place while you apply the resin? what material did you use for that?

howdy wood

the material I used was a Thia batinked (sp?) dye they (somewhere in Thialand) spread this cotton cloth out in the rice fieilds and throw dyes on

the pin lines are done after sanding coat with Posca paint pen


Man that is one BEAUTIFUL board!!! You’ve done a very nice job. What type of bottom contour does it have? Flat, rolled Vee, any concave?

Sr Pato

Very, very nice!! My car has always lived outside…thought it was a waste of space to put it inside…

I placed a straight edge from a metal sqaure across bottom of hull , very minimal V was there not really done on purpose.

I just purchased a new Hatachi planer, very cool.

Beautiful board ya got there Mr. Perry…


From what I can see you are very good at this. Keep it up, you got the nack. Nice board.

WOW!! What a nice looking board.

Here is the kind of killer job that makes you order a new blank and run for the planer and squeegee.

Thanks for keeping up the stoke! I wish you score millions of great waves with that beauty in 2005, 2006, 2007…

Thank You balsa…

This board was donated to Hospice of Santa Cruz for auction at their fund raiser/lunch,it generated large $.

I can understand that, CFPerry.

I am going to shape an old school longboard to be donated to the winner of the lottery that we organized on the french “” site. The funds raised will go to the Red Cross for tsunami victims in Asia.