yes indeedy folks , it's THAT month of the year again !!


  inspired by hicksy [on 'Facebook] and the locals here ,


please post shots of your favourite MO


  For the "purists" who think it's not surf or surfboard related ,


  maybe we could include shots of you shaping or surfing with your mo on....




  you could post dimensions , perhaps ?


  ie: length , width , thickness , rocker , outline shots , whether it is a big wave or small wave groveller model ....


  mine is just in its infancy [3 day growth , unfortunately ...I started late this year !] , but , to get the ball rolling ....


BLOG8184.jpg picture by chippy61


......happy foam MOwing , everyone .....


    cheers !



Here's my effort...



they didnt make camaras back then,,,LOL

I have a shot but no scanner

...PHOTOS , please  ???

when I was a younger man, I had mutton chops, ha ha!

keep up the mo wing guys !


 Huck and Ken , if you shaved off the beard and kept the under the chin goatee , that would be a great 'Zappa' you'd have there !!


images.jpg picture by chippy61


and Drew ...


... is YOURS camouflaged , mate ? [ ie : flesh tone coloured ? ... I just can't make it out yet...]











Here is my sweet stash.