Moving to Los Angeles Need to Find a shop or garage to build boards!

I am moving to Los Angeles due to a job transfer my wife got which is rad but I have been in a rad shop in Savannah GA where I could glass and shape alongside Roger Brucker aka Cleanlines here on swaylocks.  So I am looking for a similar set up out there someone with a shop who can either rent me out space or trade help with shapes and glassing for me using the space I am down for whatever just need a place to do it.  If anyone is interested let me know.  

 *Los feliz area off of De Longpre Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90027

Hey Adam - I noticed your post in Hookup which seems like a logical place for it, but I put it over in General Discussion for awhile, because I suspect a lot of the General Discussion traffic doesn’t check in on the hookup folder.  Anyway, it couldn’t hurt to try, hope you find somebody! 

Where in L.A. are you?  I have family in Burbank, maybe we could get together for a surf sometime.

There’s a new place near Santa Monica airport that rents by the hour or has monthly membership.  I went to check them out before my neck surgery stopped all things physical for me for a few months.  They looked like they had most of the tools needed and two shaping bays with big glass windows. Hope you don’t mind people watching you shape.  here is their website:  Alos if you don’t have a reseller license this is the closet place to get RR.

Send me an email ( If you’re moving near me we might be able to work something out, if not I have some ideas. Los Angeles is a big area.

I’d say the trip those guys have at Shapers Supply sounds reasonable and may be a good one.  Another possibility would be Universal Surfboards.  They are a Millenium Foam dealer, have a CNC machine and extremly reasonable glassing services.  Don’t have the link but just Google Universal Surfboards.

Los Angeles....................

The city of Lost Angles is big..........the county of Lost Angles is even bigger......the "SouthLand" covers at least 3 counties..

people in San Diego say you are in LA when you go north of San where near Lost have plenty of amigos just have to find us......where are you moving to?     might want to study a map of LA before you get here........................Stingray....................

I’m also in LA looking for a space- but, Stingray is right, LA is big. I’m looking to split my own shop space with someone…

If you’re around the SAMO Airport area, I’d reccomend shaper supply. I’ve only shaped one board there, but they have two bays with all the tools you need and everything you need to finish the board for sale right there in the shop. Not sure if they’d let you glass boards there, and they send their boards to Aquatech to get glassed, but they might.

East LA I guess…  

So I will be in the Los Feliz area 90027-5712 zipcode.  


If we are in the same area I would probably be down for that…


East LA I guess...  


do you own a gun?    ha ha.....

I grew up behind the Orange curtian and moved south about 15 years ago. East LA would be considered Gang Country to most people in So Cal...... California is a wonderful place but we have lots of problems too.......Stingray.

I guess East L.A. is not exactlly where I am moving I am not hip to the names of the locations I was just going off of google maps and generalizing.  I am 3 miles from my wifes works at Marc Jacobs on Melrose… it is the northern part of silverlake that on google maps is called Little Armenia.  But yes I own a gun (guns) I am from Savannah GA!   We are very familiar with gangs and such my brother was killed dealing with all that I am the older brother who got out after cracking a few skulls.  Surfing really saved my life!  So if anyone in the Silver Lake, Los Feliz, or Little Armenia area has a shaping area let me know.

Maybe this will help…

Like I said anyone who is  willing to help me out will have my utmost grattitude. 

I spent a year coaching Adam. Lots of talent and full of stoke. help him out

The area you’re moving too is chill, but not near me ( although there is a slight chance I might be moving). Rent is much cheaper as you head south and east, or go around the hill into the valley. I’m over on the westside and don’t have much of a space- but I can tell you everywhere that sells resin in a 20 mile radius ;) 

I’ve been in touch with him Roger, he’s not to far away so we got him covered for now.