Moving to Perth, WA.

Hey Guys,

Just would like to say the family and i are packing up and moving to perth.

Would like to hook up with any sway bro’s over there that may be willing to show me around some surf spots etc (i can provide the vehicle and petrol etc) and get into building some boards once setup.

It seems there is some good waves in but more around perth e.g. rotty looks fun. if any surfers from perth can give any info on where to live, surf consistancy and the like that would be great. i have a month before im due over there. so much to do!

Cheers and look forward to your replies


Don’t move to Perth, it sucks. If you are, then the City Beach - Trigg stretch is probably the best/most consistent. Real estate prices could be an issue.

Rotto is great, but it’s about $60 a day incl. surfboard. If you’ve got a boat and supply the fuel, I’m willing to go there with you :D. Actually, I was there a month ago or so and the particular break I surfed is pretty spooky when you’re alone, I felt much better when other people arrived. Seal colony nearby, lots of seals and dolphins swimming inside you to get around the reef, you’re in the middle of an aquatic highway. Crystal clear water, which I usually prefer, but I probably spent more time looking down than looking at approaching waves.

Best spots in Perth are about 1hr+ north, 1hr south or 3hrs south.

Hey toby, thanks for the reply im sorry for my delayed response i have been away.

figured perth isnt great but rotto was a big upside, i am thinkin bout
purchasing a ski when we get setup over there, or maybe a small boat,
ski would get there quicker tho.

Travel isnt a prob to much but what is the biggest issue with surf in perth? consistency?, power? no swell?

I will get in touch if you keen


Dunno if you’re allowed to go to Rotto by ski. It’s about 20km with another 10km to the west end.

Biggest problem is Rotto and Garden Island block the swell. To the north there is a chain of outer reefs that block the swell, running all the way up to the Abrolhos. Of course, there are gaps in the reef all the time, but Perth itself is well blocked. As an example, overhead days are rare in the city. Consistency isn’t bad, you can surf most weeks all year long, although summer swells are rare (there are options though - i.e. afternoon wind swells). It’s just size that sucks, and length of ride. No long reef breaks. North and south are plenty of good spots though, you just have to be willing and able to travel.

I see, well it cant be much worse than where i live right now =p

i hear lancelin has some waves, have you been up that way? obviously goin south you will get waves, how long a drive is it to get waves if you shoot down that way? google maps reckons its over four hours drive to yallingup, but it does seem to over estimate drive times from what i can tell.

thanks for the info it helps heaps.

Lancelin and the beaches north have good waves. You need a capable 4wd to get the most out of the area. Look at google earth, Lancelin north to Wedge Island. Unless you have a boat or are willing to paddle across spooky water it’s all beach breaks there. Also look north of Lancelin all the way up the coast to Geraldton and beyond there might be secret spots.

The SW (Yallingup - Margaret River area) is about 3hrs from Perth. Once you learn your way around there you can find good waves almost every day of the year.

There’s also the south coast, Walpole, Denmark, Albany, Esperance, etc. About 5hrs from the city and much less explored than the SW. In the last few years it’s become a bit more exposed, e.g. Cyclops.

If you have the time and money, there are plenty of way-off-the-beaten-track options in WA too. A big boat would be nice. A 4wd too.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get fun waves in the city. Look at chipfins’ pictures for example. It’s just mostly short rides, under head high and beachbreaks.

sweet, cheers toby thanks for your help.

Have a look at His photos are all SW WA.

Haha, that looks like some goodness for sure. and thats crowded? hmmm im definatley living in the wrong place.

Hey heres another question for you, why does the surf reports for coastal watch, SRO and BOM not give the direction of the swell? do you just assume its from the SW. what if a cyclone goes past, do they tell you then? it may be me tho, just cant seem to find it. maybe im on the wrong sites?

good news, my company car is a 4WD. yahoo…

Seabreeze is more accurate than other sites, both with swell size and wind direction:

But yeah, mostly you can assume that swell is coming from the SW. Almost every localised N-NW weather turns to the W then SW within 24hrs, and I couldn’t say I’ve ever seen a proper ground swell coming from the NW, just local wind swells associated with strong onshores. Everything significant comes from near the Antarctic (Heard, Kerguelen Island region).

I actually just stumbled upon that site, and it tells you the swell direction too. so thats interesting, you say you dont get anything significant from the NW apart from wind swell ripples. bugger aye.

oh well still options tho. boat sounds more like an option all the time, for rotto missions. think that would be the most reliable option for waves close by. unless there is mega swell gettin into metro areas.

Which area do you live? if you dont mind me asking?


No matter. Everything’s set up for SW swell. There are only a few places that work in a N-NW wind and it’s a long way between them (i.e. I can only think of a few spread over ~400km and none really worth travelling for). Even then those places need a S-W swell. The south coast probably has a lot of places suited to a N wind and S swell but I’m not as familiar with it. N wind is rare anyway.

I live in Cottesloe.

nice, thanks heaps mate.

Hiya moonfish,

I’d have to agree with everthing Toby wrote and add that Perh is just not a worthwhile destination for a surfer.


Haha, thanks dave, i appreciate the honesty. its all done now tho, we arrive on the 8th of may and i start work on the 11th. but its ok, it will be a good excuse to pack up the family and head away on weekends. i really think i will get a boat too at some point, which you guys will be welcome aboard for trips to rotto.

seems as tho there a sh## loads of body boarders in perth LOL. tell me winter see’s some good waves please!


Well we are here now, hooray.

Been here just over a month settling into work and just trying to get the swing of things.

have to say perth is beautiful. and thankfully the surf is definately an improvement on where i was so i am happy bout that.

sold all my boards before i came over and only brought my clothes so i have not been for a surf yet but have been out to the beach often, just to sit and watch. have not had the cash to buy a board till now so the goin has been tough. haha

just curious if any perth locals can recconmend anywhere i could find a 2nd hand board budget is sub $500. would like to get something around 6’2-6’4 about 20-21 wide with the w/p pulled back a bit and 2-1/2 with low rocker overall. had thoughts of getting a preshape blank and then shaping and glassing. but i am in an apartment which may not really work with the familly and all.

so if anyone has anything similar to the board above please let me know, and we can get in touch.

hope everyone is well and its good to be back online…


Wow. I guess there’ve been a few OK days but it’s pretty average. The most recent problem is the Scarborough/Trigg area is too big and the Cottesloe area is too small. And even if it’s right-size for an area it’s either a closeout beachbreak 99% of the waves or a short, poorly shaped reef. You need to try down south, or Rottnest. Did you see the photo of Rottnest on swellnet a couple of days ago? Looked 3xOH and offshore.

If you want to buy privately, the Quokka (out every Thursday), either online or in the newsagent.