Moving To San Diego

Finally, after five years living away from the Ocean, I may be moving to San Diego for a good job in the Chula Vista area.

Anybody have recommendations on apartments near a decent break, not to far from Chula? I am pretty much totally unfamiliar with the area, but I know it is probably pretty expensive. Would prefer something pretty close to the coast if possible.

Thanks for any info.

My history: Daytona Beach resident for 20+ years, Salt Lake past 5 years, Now hopefully CAL. Can’t wait to get back in the water.



My dad was stationed there in the military for a while. I was born in oakland but haven’t been to Cali since I was born. I really want to get out to the SD area Maybe between LA and SD or just south of SD. But on a school teachers salary, unless Cali pays their teachers REALLY well. I don’t think I can afford to live out there :frowning:

GMAN, welcome to Chulajuana

Chula Vista’s not too bad. Lots of apartments and condos if that’s what you want. Imperial Beach gets good and northern Baja is right there. You might want to learn a little Spanish. Schools are better than a lot of San Diego Co.(they were ten years ago). Great winter weather. Terrible pro football team. Pretty good baseball team this year. MIke

what’s the average price for a 1 bedroom apt in a safe neighborhood?

If you want low crime and cheap apartments, San Marcos in North County would work, and it’s ten minutes from the beach with no traffic, about thirty with usual traffic. You can get a one bedroom in a nice complex for under a grand, easily.

You can always find funky studios and one bedrooms by the beach in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, etc. for under a grand (I think). You just have to pound the pavement. A lot of them aren’t advertised, and cruising the streets is the best way to find them.

Get ahold of a bike and cruise through the beach communities.

My preference, if I could live anywhere in San Diego would be La Jolla. Great surf, usually glassy, waves pop up out of nowhere on the flattest of days sometimes, and there are lots of pretty girls to meet (when I was young and single). Heck, you might even find some rich sugarmama in La Jolla.

I often shop in La Jolla. I’m known to frequent the Italian sports car dealerships every six months or so, and of course the high end art galleries. If you see me, say hello. I’ll take you out for a twenty dollar salad and a ten dollar cup of coffee. I hope you don’t mind my toy poodle. He goes everywhere with me. Just try to avoid Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Those are my butler’s days off, and I’m quite a wreck on those days. I find it very challenging to plan a reservation between my tennis game, the golf match, and my daily surf at Windansea on my 11,6 Surftech.

Gotta go. Rusty and I have to get our feet scrubbed at the spa in an hour, and without my butler here today, I don’t know how I’ll get Fifi brushed and ready by then. Ta ta.

Seriously, living in San Diego County (except Fallbrook, Alpine and other towns known for white supremacy) is worth being broke. How many Americans get to wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of January, and still be able to stay outdoors in the summer? I mean, I have never lived in a house in San Diego that had air conditioning, and seldom use the heater. Heck, when it gets really cold, I bundle up in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and brave the elements.

Ta ta.

Like the answer to most questions in life - it depends… Don’t know your age, budget, style, etc., but here are a few coastal options - you did say you were going to rent:

PB (Pacific Beach) - has a rep for only being college kids, but I’ve found the age range to be more like 20 - 50, being skewed on the younger side. Of course the bars are all full of 20 somethings on Saturday nights, but the actual people who live in the neighborhood varies widely. A decent 1 bedroom goes from 900 - 1200

Mission Beach - down the road (attached to PB), but changes quickly. A bit more run down and lots of cheaper rentals and vacation rentals on the beach/bay. Has more of a “alternative” vibe. A friend of mine summed it up best when he said, “it’s tough to tell who is homeless and who isn’t”. 1 BR 700 - 1200.

OB (Ocean Beach) - kind of a cross between yuppies and hippies with many trying to belong to both groups at the same time. OB has a rougher feel to it compared to many other SD neighborhoods, but it’s cheaper and near the beach. 1 BR 700 - 1200

La Jolla - it’s beautiful and more expensive, but worth it if you can afford it.

North County Coastal - everything north of La Jolla (Del Mar, Encinitas, Cardiff, Carlsbad) is very nice. More of a “family” type situation with fewer apartments near the water (when compared to other places). Getting further away from Chula Vista now and more expensive.

In general, I find a lot people automatically assume they can’t afford to live near the beach and actually end up paying the same or more to live in some crappy inland place with no character. This isn’t true! You have to look, but you can find some amazing places to live. I live literally right on the beach for $950 a month (I split a 2BR).

Good luck and welcome to SD - It’s a great place to live.

man I didn’t realize it was that expensive. Hopefully they pay teachers a bit more there! I’m in a 3 bedroom house in a good neighborhood in League City (5 minutes from NASA where I used to work) and I pay $980 month for that! Hmmmm can you list some of the school districts in the area so I can start checking them out!


When did they change the name from Cholo Vista?

Actually South of SD is pretty much the country of mexico, Between O’side and Solana is best in my opinion, Im a big fan of encinitas, It gets much cheaper off the 78 Vista, san marcos etc. They are hit and miss to but much cheaper for a 15 minute drive to fun surf.

Thanks to everyone for the info. I am actually flying out on Wednesday for the face to face interview. Nothing is in the bag yet!!!

Are there any apartments or condos on or near Imperial Beach? Rooster mentioned the place could get good, and it looks like the shortest drive to Chulajuana.

Last question - about how long of a drive from Mission, Lajolla, Pacific Beach, or Ocean Beach to Chula? Just a rough guess. I could use map quest, but their drive times are always out of wack! Thanks again.




I grew up in SD. I have not lived there for eight years. I prefer Chula Vista over Chula Juana. Call it what you want. I never lived in Chula Vista. There is a large middle class Mexican American community in Chula Vista, hence the attempted humor. Chula Vista is probably a 15 to 20 munute drive depending on traffic from OB, PB, and MB. A bit longer from La Jolla. Quite a bit farther drive from the North County ie SaN Marcos, Vista, Encinitas,Solana Beach and more. It’s a big city. TRaffic can be a pain. My best buddy calls me from his cell when he’s in gridlock which is frequent. Air and water quality is poor( compared to when I was a kid and there were still dairies in mission valley). OB, MB, and PB are full on beach ghettoes. Yes, lots of chicks and goings on, but junkies,winoes, and thieves. La Jolla is mostly wealthy people(old money). I don’t know what you can afford. Imperial Beach has good surf,but there is also a lot of crime. There are many communities that are affordable and safer a bit more inland. Getting to the beach from inland neighborhoods is a breeze( again, depending on traffic). I have lived in PB, OB,Point Loma, and Solana Beach. My favorites were Point Loma followed by Solana Beach. Hope this helps. Good luck. Mike


Point Loma is a good place to live, pretty close to freeway access to go south.

Easy to get around close to OB,PB,and MB. Loma Portal is nice also.just have get used to the planes flying overhead.

Grew up in La Jolla still reasonable places to rent, studios block from the beach 800 up, One bedrooms 1100-1300


North County is still the best if you have a family or want some space and quiet…I live in Vista about 12 miles to the surf and I can see the ocean from my bedroom window on clear days …rents are cheaper up here than in San Diego… …they are building lots of schools right now in North County and teacher are wanted… you can find houses for rent in Vista, Bonsall, O-side and San Marcos from $1200 on up

OB is a cool town with reasonable (relatively) rent and laid back atmosphere. There are a few decent breaks that are usually crowded in the summer (pier, avalanche, etc), and some standout out spots on bigger days (sunset cliffs, several). LaJolla is seemed a bit snooty(no offense if you live there), but it boasts Windansea, Birdrock, and lacks (among others) . MB doesn’t break as good LaJolla or OB. PB has it’s spots (bring your longboard to Tourmaline) , but it is soooo crowded in the summer. North County (Del Mar to San Onofery) has tons of stand out spots (Swami’s (Encinitas) is sick on big days), but traffic can be a killer if you have to commute to San Diego (or South County). Not sure what school districts are better than other, but I would definitely live closer to work than to where the beach is. Many good beaches are easily reached from all over, but the morning and evening commute can be brutal.