Mr. Burger...

Stopped by Nev’s booth at the expo in orlando yesterday. Some pretty interesting stuff going on there! I realllly wonder how those suckers surf though. Any video online?

I was amazed at home light those boards really are. They feel like nothing in your hands and obviously we have all seen their strength. I was tempted to just start tap dancing on the batman looking one as it lay belly up on the carpet, but I decided not to cause my tap skills are under par lately.

anyways, just wanted to send ya some props! be interesting to see what comes of them in years to come.



" I realllly wonder how those suckers surf though…"

you are not alone there …I think EVERYONE would like a go on one !

"any video online ? " …

good luck Dennis .

…I’m still waiting to see the stuff Bert “was” going to send me. Same as all the surfshops here in West Australia that are still waiting on his boards . ‘W.A.’ [where Bert was from , originally] stands for “wait awhile” …

I believe “Speedneedle” has seen some footage , though …

cheers !


so , will you be giving vac-bagging a go one day, Dennis ?

DK, I was also at Expo yesterday and check out Berts stuff. I honestly wanted to try and make a break for it with one of the boards Bert did for Kelly. They really are amazing. I want to describe them better for those that were not there, btu I really can’t. They are indescribable. Anyway, back to my boring EPS/Epoxy’s, at least until I have some more cash for a vaccuum setup.

I was with DJ at the Expo. Nev’s booth was one of the first we spent some time. These boards are so light you can hold them vertically by the nose rail with your arm extended. Crazy. I don’t know what goes on in DJ’s mind but it didn’t look to me like tap dancing.

I think Bert’s personal board was there too. One continuous rocker curve (pretty big curve too); extreme down rails; and a concave deck. Hard to describe. Very unique.

The Expo is a circus though; not sure it was worth missing good waves on Sunday.

Anyone know if Nev is going to have a booth at ASR in San Diego?

While poking around the asr site I noticed that Nev would be there, but segway wouldn’t. I bet that they end up sharing a booth again.


The Expo is a circus though; not sure it was worth missing good waves on Sunday.

it wasn’t. sunday was really firing. easily a few feet overhead down my way. and the leftovers on monday weren’t bad, either!

Nev and Bert told me they were flying to California Monday for the Asr, they were upset they didn’t get a chance to see the Atlantic.