quad fin placement?

Wondering if anyone has the quad fin placement numbers for the strech mr. Buzz?
Also cant the back fins are at if anyone knows? Thanks

sorry don’t have dimensions, here’s some pics to bump the thread.

My guess would be…

Fronts @ 11.0"-11.25"

1.125"-1.25" from rail.

Rears @ 5.5"-5.75"

1.25"-1.5" from rail.

Pretty standard wide tailed Quad set-up.

Measured some other stretch boards he uses the same formula for all his boards are at a 1/4 toe and 2 inches from the rail.

Jbls - you are prob correct for rears @ 2", but those front fins look to me like they are prob 1" or 1 1/8" in off the rail.

Btw - that Mr BUZZ board looks sweet!