Multi color fin panel question

Hey Everyone,

I am making some fiberglass side bites for a new board and did a pretty thorough search through the archives to dig up all I could on the process of making fin panels. I think I have it pretty well planned out, but I did come across something I have a question about.

It was mentioned in a post or two that when doing multiple color layups you should add a batch of clear sanding resin in between colors to eliminate the colors bleeding into one another. Is this something that is necessary/recommended?

If so, would you wet out all the sheets of one color, lay the sanding resin, let it kick, then proceed to the next color? Or, do you have to let it cure completely before proceeding?

Your help is always appreciated!



Not sanding resin. lam resin if you do it. And you can but if you let the color tack before building the next layers you will be fine without. if you do the clear you will see a thin line in your foil especially in the trailing edge

I’ve done it several ways, the best I have found is 10-15-10 of 6 oz glass. i flood a light amount of lam, just enough to fill the weave, let it tack then lam the next color, flood with just enough lam again let it tack then lam my last color. I release a huge piece of granite countertop and lay it on top when I’m done. flattens everything out and lets the surface kick.