Musica Surfica continues to gather momentum

“To surf free friction, or fin free, primarily forces the surfer back to the core. It is an act of homage to thousands of years of wave riding. It’s a return to an unpredictable wild side in a sea of conservatism. It is a test of composure in delivering the upper hand to nature. Most of all though it’s just a frontier feeling of being untethered and unguided that brings fun to the fore. And fun IS the key.”

Derek Hynd…Musica_Surfica_.html

Only a couple of the photos show, and by the looks of them, I want to have a look at the others!!! Please!


grand to see your name on a post Dale, and with a Derek H quote and couple of awesome photos too? Glad I turned on the computing machine today.

11ft, if your right mouse click on the image marker and ‘View file’ you’ll get a good look.

Dale, amazing images - one of those waves in particular is quite sizable, I can’t imagine the skill involved in taking that on with no fin.

dale; good to see ya back! and we use a fin, in fact two of them, arn’t we thus twin fins? in fact if we’re male arn’t we therefore tri fined ?

sorry, it was a long day with the teenagers—mind is a bit warped…

Thanks for the quote and the pics! You done dropped a stoke bomb on us! Those pics are great. I’m bacheloring it this weekend…maybe I’m going to have to try to make me an alaia… I am inspired to try riding without fins.



Welcome back, Dale!

(I skipped this thread for 2 days though because I didn’t remember the name of the event !!)


Hey Dale, good to see you posting again! seems like I’ve seen one of those around at a Sways get-togther. Oh yeah, here it is. Lee V shaped this in '05, a bunch of crazy kids decorated it:

not trying to promote the site, but since i am unable to cut and paste some of the photos, check go to galleries, the friends.first 5 or 6 photos are of alaia board surfing…i think you folks on this thread will appreciate them…

thanks matt

I mean, this is my favorite surf photograph I have ever seen

I really really want a poster of this; Jim Martin’s Friends “purchase prints” gallery is password-only!

beautiful photo

i though you all might like it…that was two weeks ago-same session i got slammed by one of those peelers and needed stitches to patch my ear up.

I think friends>image 13 of 95 is one of the most unique surf photos I’ve ever seen.

And Baja-can’t tell is where Severson must’ve gotten his inspiration to do his surf-jalopy-in-the-forground surf dreamscapes / dream surfscapes

Nice images for sure

I mean, this is my favorite surf photograph I have ever seen

awwwww…sickness! pure, pure, pure trim! it is just simply beautiful.

remember this?

simple, pure, beautiful!with his cap on no less!

Good stuff Dale.

Maybe someday my invention will show-up somewhere…different ?

Ya…you bet…H

wow, that is one of the best photos i have seen in a long time. captures all the beauty and simplicity that, to me, is the best part of surfing. i guess “deceptive” simplicity is probably a better phrase, considering he’s doing that on a finless plank of wood, yet somehow making it look easy. no doubt, i’d be falling all over the place…but when the right surfer and the right wave meet up, man it’s a thing of beauty!

thanks for sharing!

Musica Surfica Update

Once upon a time on King Island

How I missed this the first time around is beyond me, even with janklow paging me and all.

Just shows you can’t keep up with every thread on sways w/o making it a full time job.

But yeah, I have a long-time interest in going finless, so I love seeing these photos, etc.

I gotta go dig around in my shed and find this thing I made about 20 years ago and shoot

some pics of it and get them up here…

Enough people think I’m crazy, this should really do it.