mvg's again

I’m still trying to take all this in. Are they symetrically foiled (both sides foiled)? asymetrical (flat side)? I’ve read the previous posts about position in front of the trailer or on a twin, in front of the two fins. How big are they? Could Herb Spitzers do the same thing in the mvg position? thx

the mvg 2.2 has two symetrically foiled 3/4" high finlets. i see no reason that Herb’s Supercharger will also work in the same position as the mvg. though it may not be doing the same thing i’m sure you will feel more power.

…Mark and I are ,“as we speak” trading MVGs for SCs.Maybe between the two of us we can really tweek things around?Herb

Great. I’m looking forward to the results. I have a few SC’s and I’ll do a little experimenting myself. Mark, I’d love to buy a few mvg’s from you, if that would be OK. I’m in Florida. Thanks.