My #1:pawlonia chamberd kite surf board.

Hello all,

First thank you all for all the knowledge you are sharing,I learned so much here.

I built some kitesurf tweentips before but this my first try at shaping and building a surf board,dimensions are:


width max-18 1/4 "

tail - 7 1/2 "

rocker tail -1 1/2"

rocker nose -4"~

concave bottom 1/4" turning to flat at fins

some concave in deck too.

waight-12 lb.

I will appreciate your comments and help as the board is somewhat slow to turn and i don’t know if it is the waight or a shape error,

thank you and good wind and waves

  Itai Premingr.

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How much does she weights?

the weight is 12lb or about 5.5 kilos,

Hey Kiterider,

fabulous board!

if i compare the weight to a surfboard: yes, she is real heavy, my 6.0 weighs 3100 kgs, which is still heavy, compared to a firewire or coil or bla…

the fins seem quite far up towards nose? maybe playing with em will change direction quicker, next time try the 4WFS from dean geraghty, lots of kiteriders use it apparantly…


For Kite is good to have some weight and the board seems very perfect and resilient to this job…