My 6' epoxy fish is a....................

…FANTASTIC KNEEBOARD!!! I know, I know…NO DUH??? So, before I get 100 replies calling me a knucklehead and giving me a long list on the history of the fish and what did I think I was riding in the first place? Let me just say that my surfing experience has been greatly enhanced. What a stoke it is to be able to efficiently ride the same board, in the same session, two totally different ways.

Here’s what happened: I was surfing the point this afternoon on my Pescado when a rogue wave popped up behind me. The drop-in seemed a little too steep so I decided to kneeboard it. Holy Cr@p!!! The power and speed coming out of that bottom turn was exhilirating. Carved up across the face and dropped back down for another bottom turn without ever losing speed. I think I actually picked up more after the second bottom turn. WoooooooooHooooooooo!!! This stuff is…FUN!!! This all happened three hours ago and I still can’t stop grinning. :)~

Anyway, just had to share the stoke.


I share your stoke. I’m just a 3 years long longboarder. When someone (shortboarder) asks me to change boards for a while I usually agree, but boards shorter than 8’ seem impossible to me to be ridden standing up, so I usually keeboard them I have some waves of fun.

But, beware: I’m pretty sure your fish was not glassed for assuming your 2 knees pressure, so I guess it should be a good idea to stick a piece of EVA on deck. Your board and your knees will be happier.

Try to find a EVA fitness mat on any store (6€-5$), cut and glue it with contact cement.