My baby came back home...

So lookit what I bought. This custom (some of u may remember from the build thread) I made in 2011 came up for sale, and I snagged it.  Just got delivered this morning, and I am stoked!!

9’6" by 21" by 2 7/8", it is huge!  Can’t wait to give it a paddle out and see how it goes, hopefully no leaks, lol!

I’m curious, do you ever get offended or upset if you see a custom board you made for somebody up for sale?


I remember that build Huck. That was really somthing!

Looks like it’s in great shape no? Give us a ride report when you get it wet.

 Pretty cool you ended up with it again.


No not at all, in fact I was happy for the chance to get it back.

That’s an amazing piece of work.  I can’t believe I actually don’t remember that build.  Could someone post the link?  I want to see how in the world you do that.

I remember the build really well, and I thought it was epic.  There’s no way to know for sure how well the board will end up surfing from just seeing pics of it online, but Huck’s build process is really impressive.

Thanks - this is the old build thread, unfortunately almost all the old pics are gone. I am gonna see if i can dig up some of the old pics for that thread.

Incredible skills Huck. Youre an artist with wood for sure. Mike

Youre boards aint bad either… mike

Onya Huck, that is one nice stick! Glad to see it back where it belongs. I’m hoping I will walk into some sushi joint somewhere and see the Shoji board hanging on a wall. Come to think of it, you’ve out out an impressive collection with unconventional means. Your wooden rail system is non pareil. That in it self is a real breakthrough. Way to go Compadre. 

ps. I ain’t touching the wood comment by Roostah Mike.

Thanks!  I got a base coat of wax, and put a fin and a leash on it.  Hope to get it in the water soon, but probably not til next week at the soonest.

Some of the wood pieces cupped a little over the past 7 years, so there are little suface irregularities that weren’t there when it was finished.  I guess its the nature of wood to move a little over time.   Eventually I may get motivated to sand it down and lay a fresh layer of 4 oz. glass on it.

Its more bladed out than I remembered, the rails are pretty knifey for a 9-6.  

I dug around and cannot find the old build pics, all I have is pics of it being glassed.  Bummer.

I did find these poor quality shots in my phone, I’ll go ahead and post them for anyone curious about the construction. It weighs 18 lbs.

In the original thread you mentioned you glassed it with poly gloss over epoxy lam/hot. How is that holding up? Any chips or separation between poly/epoxy? Also, is this all balsa wood?

Holding up fine, no chips anywhere. But then again its been a wall hanger the past 7 years, hah! I think this board was the last time I did that.

Construction is redwood and cedar - but mostly redwood.