My board #2 and my fish #1

This is my second shape the #1 was a 6"8’ funboard…Is not finished yet, just need some sanding and cut the stringer in the swallow tail!!Its not perfect but for my #2 board looks fine…For now i just have one pic, but i’ll post more…give me your opinion!!

Not an opinion, but a question or two [I prefer them to opinions ] …

What size is that ?

What bottom did you go with ?

[thanks for showing me your rack too , by the way !]


The board is 5"8’ x 20’ x 2.55’…

The bottom is flat, or at least i tryed to do it flat(this is just my #2 board) …



Thanks Romey !

LOVE to see it when it’s glassed and finned [any colour[s] going on the foam or glass ? ]

and of course I look forward to hearing how it rides, when done. Take your time though.

   cheers ! 


p.s. - how’s the surf been in Portugal lately ?

I just finished one yesterday about the same dimensions. I had the same problem with an extra bit of stringer in the swallow how do you plan to cut it out?

I realy dont know, probably i’ll tape the tail, for not scratch it, and cut it with my hand planer or something like that…

You can use a spray tacky on a pencil and put 36 grit paper on the pencil or use a small file.

Hi graham just use a round file for if you have one a dremel tool works great also just be careful when taking down the stringer in the tail.


I use a rat tail or round surform to get the bevel in the butt crack. Mike

Thanks Wardo I think I’ll try the dremel.

More pictures