My Collapsible Surfboards

Hello, I built some collapsible surfboards. I would like to introduce them briefly here. Sorry for the bad english!!!

Do you have more detailed pics explaining the mechanism?

Keep the pics coming, I love these boards!

Very nice!  Surfboard that fits in a suitcase, haha.  Did you build them that way for travel?  Like to see more.  Thanks for posting.

Thanks for sharing. Can you show pictures of the clamping parts?

All the best

thats the clamping parts, its a very simple version

thats the board in the case :wink:

my new projekt, shortboard 6’1", carbon rails

the painting job comes in the next week

Thanks for sharing. Do you build the board completely first then cut or cut before glossing?

the board is not finished but i have some new pics.

i cut the board befor glassing.

the board is finished :slight_smile:


Ride report pls 

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From the detail picture it looks like a set screw in delrin plastic?  What is the rod material?  

I’ve surfed several two piece boards ( bi-sect long boards and I couple of short boards I built myself) and found that they all move to some degree while surfing. My short boards moved only a little but I think that was due to less leverage on the joint. I also found that it is best not to have the joint fall where you normally place your front foot so you don’t feel the movement.   I think there is a place for these boards if you are prepared for the limitations.  Sometimes there is just not otherness to get a board to whereyou are going.  Could you please explain the mechanics of your joint further?  Many thanks for posting this  

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Great job OP!

Desperate to see how the joint was constructed buddy 

I mean, what rod sizes did you use?

How did you cut the foam out for the tube? Just glued the tube in? Glued in with what? Getting a good seal around the tube, keeping it ultra flush so no gap…?

Such a tease!

today i cant give an answer,my english is not good,sorry. in the next days i give an answer


this is the stringer

this is the cutted blank

stick with epoxy

and cut the finished blank

Don’t you just hate cutting the board in half?  Took me several attempts before I could bring myself to make the cut. All in the name of science. 

All the best