My DIY Modded Hitachi P20SB Planer

A while back I decided to get a new planer and mod it myself. I ended up going with the Hitachi because it was the easist to mod myself due to the abundance of information on this planer. I just recently finished the planer and I decided to take some pics and post them because honestly, this is the best Hitachi planer I have ever seen. Its PERFECT! Looks almost like it was bought like this. Like I said, I did all the mods myself and will list them below. Take a look. I might be offering my services to build them because I know you won’t find another with the attention to detail that I have given to this planer. I included closeups and used my Pro camera to take the pics because it came out that good. I dont need crappy images to hide anything. I am NEVER this confident and don’t want to sound arrogant but I am proud of how good it looks and Planers have started to look as good to me as a beautiful car or woman does. I’m going to mod a Bosch or Makita next. The newer sliding shoe Bosch looks good and I might even attempt to try and mod a Miluakee M18. I’m a huge Milaukee fan as it is and would love to see what a cordless could be like. I’m also on the lookout for a Skil 100 thats prestine, but who isn’t. That I would never mod, just clean up real nice. Anyway, have a look and enjoy. 

  1. Handle Relocation.

  2. “On The Fly” adjustment and home made knob.

  3. Exhaust Chute (Also Homemade and took a while to get perfect).

  4. Bearing Swap (Mine were new and looked good, not crappy like I have heard they sometimes can be but I added SKF’s).

  5. Shoe and Baseplate grinded.

  6. Added High Quality 25ft cord. 14 Gauge. 

  7. Replaced some screws with Stainless Steel replacements.

Thanks to this website and the Forums for the information and tips. I also watched Brian Pavlicks videos on YouTube to get a good idea of what to use and do. His videos were crucial to me being able to attempt this!