my first: a tibetan hippy fish

well…i now have learned a few (many) things on shaping my first board…found the xps stuff a bit hard to shape, not that i have anything to compare with…but the foam is sort of velvety and soft while at the same time hard…doesnt make much sense maybe…? super easy to make gauges and dings in it while i was working in my shed which isnt much bigger than the board itself, so i had to do one side at a time…hmmmm…well when i thought the shape was as close as i dared (scared of overshaping) i had alot of spackling to do and insted of waiting and asking i went on and spackled the board with an acrylic spackle…which in turn led to shiney spots when painted over so i was kinda bummed…so i just knew i had to make some sort of design on the deck to cover or take the eye off all the shiny bits…this is what i came up with…the theme works ok on a board from this era (time)…? the shape is a lis fish 5`5, but with some small differences in thickness and so on…ill have to come back to the dimensions later cuz i dont have a measuretape right here now…ok and thanx so far for all the knowledge…nicholas

nice karma in that board!

hope I’ll manage to do as well as you did for my first board (for the shape at least… 'cause my drawing skills are pretty close to a 5 year old kid’s)

Nice one, really pretty art work, suits the board well. I share your problem with the lack of space but that’s mainly due to my terrible work habits like never putting anything away after me. (memories of my Mum nagging come flooding back).

Straight on to board number two then?

That board came out great. What’s the fin set-up? Mike

thanks…will start nr 2 soon, but still need to glass this one…have done one fin and the second will be done tonight i guess…

already friends are asking me to make them boards so ill get practice…only down side is id like to have them all myself and make a nice quiver…longboard coming up soon too, but that needs to be done outside…no room in the shed…lol…thanx again fatbas


oops…maybe i should have added that its not finished…the fins im dooing are somelot like the ones on the lis fish 5`5

but i made them a little smaller though…will post pic soon…the board might look good now but after my virgin glassing

anything can happen i guess…but if the art is f"#¤%ed up i dont care as long as i get to ride it…sorry if i led you in to thinking

it was all done…nicholas


Rarely do you see artwork of that quality in any board let alone a first shape. Naked ladies are fine, and flames are cool, but they don’t look good on a board in my opinion.

I am curious as to how you created the swirl pattern in the orange base on the deck?


Dude!! I am impressed. It seems like it was just yesterday you were introducing yourself to Swaylock’s. And BOOM, all of a sudden you got a board. I started mine a couple months before you and it looks like you might beat me to the finish!! If I remember correctly you are a tatoo artist, so I am not surprised by the outstanding artwork. I guess by the time you shape your friends boards you may not need/want to apprentice with another shaper. Sounds like you’re well on your way to becoming “another shaper”. Good job my friend. Keep it up!

hey drew…thanks…if you take a look at the post called pic2 theres a close up…i did the swirls in orange with a posca pen(freehand)…not too hard but takes some time…thank you aquafiend…i havent been able to think of other things but the shaping process, waking up at 7 and going at it…and easter came along and i had alot of time then so…just hope i get to glass soon, really want to try it in water…