my first attempt at a board(pics added)

I took an old log that was broken . I had 6’2" left and saw a board in SURFER magazine and tried that shape .It was a aipa stinger. What type of fin should i use for this shape.

How is the rocker in the nose and the tail?, If you cut this out from a previous board you rocker is hard to get right, and most likely will have either too much or not enough, in the nose and tail. I think your only hope with that shape is a single fin, It’s hard to tell what does your foil look like it would help to see more pics and different angles of your board.-josh

Got a shot of the rocker?

Looks like it’ll be a fun project…

heres some more pics

does any body have an opinion


Why not go to the source? Check out what Ben uses…

Its a pretty good replication of the Aipa board. You might want to shorten those wings down a bit. Other than that…take your time, Good luck and keep us informed…

You need to figure out what your rocker is, the way i do it is take a tape measure and mark the center of the blank on the stinger measuring from nose to tail. The take a long straight edge that has been measured and marked in the center, and place it on the center mark on the blank. Make sure that you align both the mark on the blank and the straight edge, let the straight edge balance itself. Once it has balanced. Take a ruler or anything for that matter and measure the distance from the end of the straight edge at bottom of the straight edge to the tip of the nose on the blank. This will be the nose rocker, do the same for the tail, and you will have your tail rocker. Hope i didn’t jumble stuff up and confuse you-josh

Heres a few shots after paint. more to come

the nose is 4" and the tail is 1-3/4"

its time for glass