my first board

hi. last year i bought a …lost 6’4, my first board. i have since brought my surfing ability to a very high level and am have ridden 8 foot waves with no problem. How much bigger could i go with this board? 8 is the max i’ve been, but i’m thinking hurricanes. what about a 5’11 Merrick Epoxy?

Check out this Post from SC, its a great pic if you are thinking about getting a Merrick Epoxy. I was told this board busted while pushing through the the lip on a 3ft day…

Hey You can ride a 6’4" tri in pretty big waves, like maybe 12’ Sunset, if you are Michael Ho. But somewheres around 8’, a bigger board paddles better, catches more waves, makes more waves by going faster in control and turning with more distance, allows you to sit farther outside to pick off the big waves, not the lull waves. Of course, some spots allow tiny boards, and others need big boards to ride overhead surf.

You brought your surfing up to very high level in one year ? Good job, keep up the good work and maybe will see you in the magazines or on tour someday.