My First Board

Hi Guys,

Here’s a couple of photos of my first go at surfboard making. Been reading the forum for a while now picking up a few tips and would value your opinions on my first board. I’m quite happy with the results.



Looks like a great job for your first board! What’s going on with the leash cup??

First board???



(Maybe I’d better start doing something else…)

There’s a decal around the leash plug. See attached photo.

“balsa” took the words right out of my mouth … looks very clean !

What are the dimensions on that please mate /

cheers !


Thanks ks. Just couldn’t tell what was going on there from the first pics. Cool.

Great work for your first board!!

The dimensions are 7’7 1/2"x22x2 7/8 with a nose of 17 and a tail of 14. I did have alot of problems with the first lap from the botton to the top as the resin went off real quick leaving one side with a dry section under the lap which i removed very carefully. I used just less than 2% cat but it was quite a hot day and didn’t realise the effect of heat on whether or not you put 1% or upto 2% in. Subsequently i was using 1% cat and this seemed to work fine.

Hi Balsa, stricly speaking this is the second board i’ve ever made as the first one was a custom kitesurf waveboard. See photos. But it is my first surfboard and the design of a surfboard requires slightly diferent features than that of a kiteboard, even one that’s for waves. The kiteboard you can see is a little bit yellow due to the type of resin i used (opps, still learning lots) but i kind of like the retro look it gives but a nice clean white surfboard looks better i think.

Some people just seem to have this feeling for the right curves. Whether it is your kite-board or your surfboard, it’s obvious that you got it. Nice work. Keep on.

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

Just finished my second board, again with lots of help from the archives and the extremely useful austin videos. Could have made a better job of getting the cutlaps smooth but i hadn’t even looked in the archives for cutlaps and did them completly off my own guess work. Also the pin line isn’t exactly a pin line rather a thick marker line but i’m still pleased with the look of the board.

Stay up Kitey!